5 for the 13th

True to Friday the 13th form something unthinkable happened. I forgot to post my 5! We were out late and by the time I came to my senses it was after midnight. Horrors.

So here we are. And for yesterday I'm thankful for:

1. Aaron helping me with getting all the laundry put away. Even if it was at 1am and he was wrecked.

2. Friends who offer a home away from home where we all have fun (and stay too long).

3. Yet another gorgeous sunny blue-skied day. Ahhhhhh.

4. This talk, I read it before I went to sleep last night. I thought it was very beautiful and tender.

5.Having the chance to talk to a sweet young friend I had lost contact with but think about every day. xo Kristen!

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new to your blog but perusing the man rules listed

now i'm thinking they may have a point about the toilet seat but then i think - they should just sit to go pee too and then everyone would be happy

Marnie said...

Great blog! I have enjoyed reading it :0)
All the best,