5 for 14

1. My bed
2. My warm cozy comfy welcoming lovely bed
3. My pillow
4. My pajamas
5. The fact that I don't have a newborn (delicious as they are, it is so nice to go to bed fairly confident that you will sleep that night)

I'm tired tonight, can you tell? I'm also grateful that Aaron did some little jobs around the house that made a big difference. It's amazing what replacing a ten dollar rusted to disintegration heat register can do for a horrible heinous awful little guest bathroom. We have been resisting doing anything to better the situation of that room in anticipation of bulldozing it entirely and starting over, but then we woke up and realized that we'd been dreaming about that so we replaced the heat register instead. He also did some bigger jobs around the house and yard that make a big difference like not having a flooded garage... and stuff like that.

Happy that the weather was perfect (again!) so that he could do all these things.

And that apart from one small melt-down this morning over picking a song from an era of her choice to sing at Brownies, Gracie has dealt with her extreme sleep deprivation (sleepover anyone?) exceptionally well today. I fear it is the calm before the Sunday morning storm though...Poor Aaron. (I have an early meeting and wont be around when she has to get up. Darn)

And finally, for all the amazingly generous, kind, sweet, loving and good friends and associates we have been blessed with over the years. I have been going through old papers, cards etc and am just blown away by the amount of kindness that has been extended to us over the years, wherever we have lived. People are nice.

PS: Welcome Marnie (author of the Green Smoothie article..oops!Sorry!) and Speaking from the Crib it is most excellent to have you along for the ride! And to the shy followers-welcome to you too!

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Jill said...

Today must have been busy Hubby day because my husband did a bunch of outside house stuff too. Our home looks 1000x's better. It's amazing what blowing the leaves away from the house and putting the bikes/skateboards/pumpkins (believe it or not you are supposed to throw them away eventually) can do...Tell ur hubby I say hi!

The Sayer Family said...

I have a newborn you could have for a night or two. Most nights she does really good, but last night wa NOT one of those. Maybe I need a 15 hour sleep like you got - yes, I think that sounds good!