5 for the 6th time

1. My cat like reflexes (right, Jill?) which saved Finny and myself from being well and truly mangled by a crazy kid on a skate-board as we walked home from school. I heard the wheels getting closer and closer, I glanced back a couple of times and thought, "but surely the kids will slow down as they get closer to us". So I forbade myself from repeatedly looking back in a suspicious old lady manner again.

THEN I heard the wheels practically upon us and happily I don't obey myself very well, because I turned just in time to -in one fluidly powerful (right Jill?) motion- violently pull Finny out of the way and throw my aging self out of harms way too. With not even a split second to spare. Good thing I was holding Finny's hand or that boy would be sporting some tracks, and the hapless youth on the skateboard would have been dealing with more trauma then me shrieking, "are you INSANE?" at him. To his credit, he promptly told me, "Oh sorry, Dude..I mean..not dude" and looked genuinely frightened. It is always gratifying when they appear genuinely frightened (right, Jill?) I felt quite sorry for him as he scurried away board in hand, because sometimes I even scare myself.
2. Super cute babies to babysit. Who give me my fix. Without the morning sickness, heartburn, weight-gain, transition, thrush, sleepless nights, diaper changing, food aversion stages, potty-training, two year old tantrums, screaming card rides, disastrous restaurant experiences,sleepless nights....and hyper-vigilance. This is what happened when I turned my back for literally one minute today to set up her napping space. (Beware the slightly open ziplock cereal baggie). Insert my gratitude for vacuum cleaners here.

3. Fridays. Hooray for Fridays! I am not sure why I like Fridays because really, a lot of the time it only means that earlier mornings and endlessly busy (frequently chilly) times lie in store for the next two days, but somehow...Fridays are magical. I'm glad we have them. I propose they continue.

4. A less scary number on the scale this morning (I told you I had an intense workout). I'm on my way baby. Goal weight before the holidays, 'tis my quest. Join me?

5. Petite jeans. Because, I really, really do not like to hem. And did you know that my legs are the length of an average 10 year old? Do you not believe me? Well you should, because I tried on some 10 year old jeans today and the length was perfection. It was a bit horrifying around the hip/butt area but the length was perfection. I was tempted to get them. While on the topic, why don't adult pants have the adjustable waistband inside? Wouldn't that be special? For real?! Why don't they?? I can think of so many reasons why they should. Anyway, thanks at least for the petite sizes fashion peeps. That was thoughtful. The short-legged thank you.

Bonus #6: My freshest follower: Not June. Welcome, not June! I so very much love your name. Do you know that I have met a woman who referred to herself as June Cleaver. And I'm pretty sure she was not kidding. I relate to Not June's better

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Jill said...

I can totally attest to your super human parental powers of hearing, strength and intuition on the skate boarding incident... I will have you notice though that when the skate boarding psycho noticed who you stopped to talk to he tried to explain himself again....oh, the fear I instill in our young students!!!!

Jill said...

I forgot that I also needed to comment on the 10 year old jean thing.... I started being able to wear my 14 year olds jeans when she was in 4th grade... There's nothing like hitting a kids resale store for capris and jeans (kids 14/16 adjustable waist I do have thighs you know!)...the only problem is finding ones without hearts and flowers on them...