5 greats for the eighth

1.Another warm and beautiful day. Went on a peaceful bike ride with the family. We took a break and enjoyed the cold, clear, clean water we'd brought along. It reminded me of another much less pleasant time on the trail, and how much we take clean and plentiful H2o supplies for granted. An amazing blessing. Really.

2.A fun and stimulating conversation on self-discipline with my Laurels today. One of them was not swallowing my absolutely brilliant anology the way I wanted her to. A lively debate ensued. Others joined in with their two cents . It's so nice when they stay awake. (Also the self-discipline lesson gave me the strength to justsayno to breaking into the box of chocolates I bought for a friend's birthday. ITWASSOHARD. But I did it. {Applause} The scale had better reflect that good choice in the morning, is all I can say.

3. Beautiful pink sunset today over my kids playing happily together in the backyard. Nothing like your kids playing happily together. In the backyard. Under a perfect pink sunset. In shorts. In November.

4.The ability to I have to thrill my children with my "tickling witch" rendition. It wont last. Sniff.

5. I am this.close to being done with the Octoberphotoextravaganza. Holy snaphappiness, batgirl! But they are fun. Stay tuned folks. Oh please do. Seriously, if y'all don't look at them after all this drama I will plutz.

PS: Welcome Widge and Ms. Batman. Yay!

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Thalia said...

Gorgeous pics! I recognise someone different. Napoleon Dynamite. Whats my prize??