5 on the 4th

1. My sweet and beautiful "childhood" doggie Shem (the Golden retriever), who left this world, peacefully last night after a long and loving life.

There is nothing like the unconditional love and affection of a dog is there? Love you, Shembly. I look forward to you bounding up to me in heaven. (This dog greeted me as if not a day had passed when I visited him for the first time in eight years a few years ago...sniff).

2. The beautiful blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds thoughtfully scattered here and there for me to stare at while I lay in the dentist's chair today. When I was reclined it was all I could see which made it easier for me to imagine that I was lying on a beach. If only it weren't for the pesky scraping sound...(shudder). Back to the gratitude: NO CAVITIES. Given my past this is no small point of gratitude.

3. The opportunity to be schooled by Benj in an impromptu soccer game this evening. So much fun. Every time I attempt to take him on, I am shocked by the fact that he keeps this up for an hour at a time. I am wheezing after about 2 minutes. It is TIRING stuff, man. And then I have the audacity to yell, "GO!!!!! GOOOOOOO!!! when he has been at it for 45 minutes already. So insensitive! Which reminds me, the other day Finny asked me if I could play soccer. I said that I could and I was especially good at grabbing other people by their arms and/or shirts and hurling them out of the way in order to get the ball into the goal. He looked at me pityingly for a moment and then said somewhat uncomfortably. "That would be what they call a foul, mommy".

4. Hearing my sweet daughter last night telling her brothers when she thought I was not in earshot that they had better eat my soup because "mommy worked really hard on that". And then watching my sweet sons pretend to like it.

5.Laughing until I could hardly breathe for various reasons tonight-my hilarious Bishop (he's the Mormon Conan O'Brien), watching Finny reading a circular (advertising toys) with incredible focus and intensity, a comic on TV who did not seem very promising at first but turned out to be strangely compelling (that's always a relief), saying "I love you" using melodramatic facial expressions and sign language in an attempt make a disgruntled child laugh (from across the room as Aaron read scriptures to us-I am such an example of appropriate reverence) and then watching that child do everything in its power not to smile-(unsuccessfully), watching a video of a laughing baby (thanks Jen Lynn's Jillian et al). Ahhhhhhh...
Laughing like that...isn't it just the most energizing yet relaxing feeling? It's the best.

Bonus: 6. Getting to cuddle and hold my Gabey just like a baby for a long while tonight. He is the most cuddly child and I always feel as though he didn't get enough time being the baby so any extra cuddles I can sneak in before he gets too big for all that (tell me that will never happen??!Please?) feels like a delicious free gift.

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JUST ME, THE MOM said...

So many precious moments, you just want to gather them up and keep them close. Sorry about the dog, I sometimes wonder about doggie heaven, might have a whole pack up there by now :)


Loralee and the gang... said...

So sorry to hear about your childhood pet...we have a dog who is 9 now and is slowing down. Will be hard to lose him one day.

And I LOVE it how protective your daughter is of you. You're doing a great job. And love love love cuddly kiddos, too.

Janet said...

Sending love and hugs. I'm so sorry about the loss of your childhood pet.

I'm loving your graitude series.

Stef said...

Such a blessed life you lead!!! Im sorry to hear of your puppy!!! The unconditional love of a dog is sooo overwhelming at times.!!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How sweet that the boys pretended to like your soup, at the encouragement of their sister. :)

I am sorry about the loss of your dog. It's so hard. :(

Anonymous said...

Loved the "Love to Laugh" clip. It quite cheered me up after feeling verklempt after seeing that lovely pic. of Shem and Em. and the kids. Thanks. The kids are SO cute. Your soup story reminds me of Seth eating with his front teeth and assuring me how much he LOVED it! Gracie is such a sweetie. I miss her and the gorgeous boys! Marmie.