5 things. Day 3

1.Crunchy leaves ankle deep to wade through with Finny and a blue sky on the walk to school. I am so glad we/they get to walk to school. It's the best.

2.People who do not suppress generous thoughts. A couple of nights ago I was feeling a bit discouraged and down about something specific. I was about to shut down my computer when I suddenly got the impulse to reply to some friends of mine who had emailed me about a month ago. I wanted to tell them how much I had enjoyed their happy spirit and the wonderful photos they had shared (I also wanted to apologize for my long silence). I reconsidered this impulse when my computer was taking forever to open my email. I was really tired and my computer was about to run out of battery power. I was about to shut everything down when my email finally popped up. I had just archived my incredibly full inbox. One email sat in it. It was from the friends I was about to email. It is not like we have a daily back and forth so this was an amazing coincidence. Or was it?

It wasn't.

As I read the email it was written specifically regarding what I had just been feeling discouraged about. Even using the same words that had been going through my mind...it had crossed my mind that I was not very good at XYZ and maybe failing in the ABC department a little bit. In the email these wonderful people were telling me that I was so good at XYZ and they really appreciated what was I doing in ABC department. Just out of the blue. For no other reason then to tell me. To share their generous feelings with me. I felt so cherished by God as I read that. I knew that there was no one else who knew what was going through my mind at that moment. I was not spiraling into deep despair or struggling with major depression over it, it was just a moment of insecurity, no big deal but God cared enough to comfort me in that moment.

I bet He does that all the time, for all of us. Much of the time He works through us. He prompts us to say the things He knows need to be heard at that very moment, or to do the things that need to be done, to show that He is there, that He sees, He cares. But so many times, so many of us suppress the generous thought. Thinking it is "too weird" to just come out and tell someone something nice we are thinking about them just out of the blue. Or that we will get to emailing/calling/writing that note of gratitude or encouragement or praise later...and then so often we don't. But these angel friends of mine had the thought, and followed through. They did what we are all supposed to be doing all the time. Can you imagine how many more people would feel the love of the Lord every day if we all acted on our generous impulses, and carried through with our kind thoughts? Like these people do. All the time. And do you know, that they are some of the most happy, fulfilled people I have ever known?

I am so grateful for them. And for Him.

3. My husband. Who is man enough to shop the lady supplies aisle at Rite Aid for me.

4.The way my bunny frolics when she is happy. She does these jumps and flicks in circles up in the air. It is so delightful to watch. I also like the way she stretches out on the rug like a dog. Her bunny bum is so cute. Speaking of the bunny being happy. The other day my husband stopped mid-sentence and rushed over to where she was sitting. "DROP IT" he commanded. You could see her weighing her options as she sat stock still. Suddenly she made this huge arc like leap across the living room to get away from him.. I have never seen her throw herself so whole-heartedly into an escape. Something shiny dropped out her mouth on her way into the study. She turned around and scampered urgently back to get it. Picked it up again and hopped frantically away with my husband in hot pursuit. I heard sounds of struggle in the kitchen with his repeated commands to DROP IT clearly being disregarded. Eventually he emerges grimly triumphant and holds the offending item up for me to see. A shiny foil wrapped Dove chocolate. Gnawed all the way around the edges. She's female alright. I have never seen her fight so hard for anything before. Including her very survival when I was waterboarding her.

5.The sound of silence. I had lots of quiet time today which I needed and loved. No radio, no TV, phone or children for a couple of hours. I drove in silence, worked in silence, sat in silence. Silence really is golden sometimes.

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{ L } said...

Another good list of gratitude! I'm thankful to YOU for encouraging gratitude. ;)

Steph said...

Amen. Well said. It's amazing how something small and genuine like an email can lift our spirits. Thanks for sharing...