Chocolate, cozy chaos and other nice things

1. Good listeners-it's amazing how it lifts the load.

2.Unexpected gifts of chocolate left in the car.

3. Sounds of cozy chaos-dinner prep, radio on, cello practising, spelling words reciting. Before we had kids and were living in northern Idaho going to college, Aaron and I would go running after school/work at around dinner time. We used to run in charming little neighbourhoods in the chilly near-darkness and see the scenes of cozy dinnertime chaos in the cheerfully lit windows as we ran past. It seemed so magical to me and I dreamed of being inside one of those scenes one day.

4.The awesome multi mini bundt pan. Like muffins but bigger. Like a bundt cake but smaller. I scored it at a garage sale some time ago. It pleases me greatly to make miniaturized things. Always has.

5.All kids coming home with some happy report about their day today.
(These pictures were taken last week when Gabe and Finny received "pride awards". They are "enthusiastic about learning" and "respectful and responsible"...respectively.) They got to attend the awards ceremony/pizza party together which made them very happy.

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Michelle said...

I love how you appreciate all the little and large moments with your family. You live and revel in the moment and it's a beautiful thing to see.


Jill said...

#4 must be why you are crazy obsessed with me... :)

julia said...

Yea!! for your boys!!! It makes a momma proud to have such great kids.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Congratulations on the awards boys!! :)

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Congrats on the boy's awards! What cuties!

And I like your red door!:)

Dorkys Ramos said...

Aww cozy chaos sounds so inviting and warm. And I get what you mean about the minis. Little things just taste better. I guess because they have to be packed with a satisfying punch. Congrats to your boys!