Fabulous Friday 13th Follower...

Today one of my newest followers popped up courtesy random. org.

That being one Widge of Woman's World Magazine and My Guide to Surviving and Enjoying Life's Mundane. (She's prolific!)

Widge has four kids (like me! Yay 4 Four!) and lives in lovely New Zealand. Lucky Widge!

I love the the most current post of hers. It's very evocative,touching and happy-making. Go and read.

I think she has persuaded me to try green smoothies. I've been thinking about it for a while. I plan to tell my kids that they are green milkshakes. What is an appealing flavour of green I can lie to them about? Green bubblegum? Hmmmm....

Widge is fun and funny, whimsical, artsy, smart and down-to-earth all at once. Go check her out!

Thanks for being a fab follower Widge! Momedy is cooler for having you. :)

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Widge said...

wow thanks Kirsty!!

Your blog is fab!

p.s The smoothie article is written by Marnie at WWM ;)