Final Fifteen

It's the last night of November which means my 5 gratitudes a day will be coming to a close and you can be relieved of the daily schmaltz. Here's for Saturday, Sunday and today (my wireless network is out which means I am tethered to my computer room which in turn has severely cut down on my computer time, which is also a blessing I suppose).

1. My favourite things/pride and prejudice gathering was so much fun. My friends are so warm, funnyand easy to talk to. I can be me. So much so that we talked until 2:30am. Getting up for 9am church was fun. Notsomuch.

2. A tree that is lopsidedly decorated. I.E:Kid style. We put up the tree on Saturday. The kids were so excited to see their ornaments that we have collected over the years. I remember our first Christmas very well when we had no ornaments. I could not imagine having more then we could handle one day and now we do. I love that they all have sentimental meaning and memories and that they are all bunched together and I don't care. I used to make myself and everyone else crazy by having everything spaced and draped just right. Now we have plenty of pre-school made decorations and a total absence of perfection. Which is perfect. No really, it's such a relief.

Gracie caught Gabe under the mistletoe

Benj spent some time wedged behind the tree dealing with lighting issues. He was a trooper and not nearly as doleful as he appears here.

Gabe and Finny set up the kid friendly nativity. They play with the non-kid friendly one more.

3. The opportunity to join others from church to help a good friend on Saturday. It made my heart feel full when I looked around and saw all the women who had so willingly left their own lives on a busy weekend to make the life of our good friend a little easier. Several of my young women came too and worked so hard. It really touched me.

4.My husband worked like crazy on my behalf all day and then had solo kid duty for the second night in a row. They were angels and we did not hear a peep all evening.

5.The weather was warm for putting up the Christmas lights.


1. I was not actually nearly as tired as I should have been.

2. I had a good nap that did not include any bouts with sleep paralysis as they usually do when I am overtired.

3. I did not have to teach. I love teaching, but I was grateful for a break after my hectic weekend. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the youth. My life is much richer for it.

4. A good Bishop to take care of our ward. Bishops are special and I am so grateful for them. Their wives are saints.

5. Coming in out of the dark and rain after a meeting last night, slipping off my heels to squish between Gracie and Finny on Gracie's bed as they told me stories before they fell asleep.


1. Gracie told me today, "Mommy today when I was having a hard day at school because I missed you, I went to the drinking fountain and then I saw Finny's paper on the wall that said, I am thankful for my family' and then I felt better. " I am so grateful that my children find comfort in each other and that being a member of our family is a source of peace to them.

2. My Christmas presents are bought, wrapped and under the tree. I am grateful to be able to put the emphasis on more important things for the rest of the season.

3. I found an extra $30 cash in my wallet. Which is good, because I still have not been paid for October (let alone November) by one of my employers. This is the blessing of tithing in action, folks. Things tend to work out.

4. We had the sister missionaries over for dinner and they are so sweet. They laugh at all my kids' jokes and act interested in their Thumper stories. Our house always feels more peaceful after they have been here. And the dinner I cooked turned out to be edible which is always special.

5.Watching my family write what they loved about each other tonight at family home evening.

I have gained so much from this exercise this month. I can't remember the last time I felt more at peace with my circumstances. I struggle to limit my gratitude to just 5 on many days and all through the day I am thinking, "oh this is one for the list" which has caused a real shift in focus. I think I will continue doing this in a private journal because it has truly changed my life for the better. I am thankful to you for reading and keeping me accountable to my promise. :)

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Jenny said...

Good morning! I'm new to your blog (found it off Great Fun 4 Kids). Our Christmas tree is the same way, you can tell where my daughter was decorating. You know, 4 ornaments all on top of each other. It is a bit freeing just to "let it go". They had so much fun. Now the little guys keep taking them down-oh well.
My husband has sleep paralysis too! Such a strange thing to be the one woken up by someone who is experiencing it. Even worse for you guys!
And good for you for having all your presents wrapped and under the tree! Wow!