Gratitude on the 9th

Yeah, yeah we'll get to all that. But did you see THIS? People! It took me about 13 hours to assemble. I think that it is only fair that you take 3 hours out of your day to read it.

Alright onto the gushy stuff..

1. Good health for me and my family. Relatively speaking. I took Benj to the Dr. today bracing myself for the news that he had pneumonia. Nope. Just the lingering effects of a cold. He was really thrilled that I had made him wear one of the little masks the receptionist was handing out just for that. Notsomuch.

2. My kids' response when Aaron joked that he had told the gas company to just turn it off for the winter since it was so expensive. They took him seriously but responded with reassurances like "that's ok, we have warm clothes...and blankets..and we can turn on a space heater and keep the doors closed..." Such little pioneers. It's nice to know how well they can rally should the situation arise. You never know..

3.The crazy living room dance sessions every evening. Our moves are smokin' man. Occasionally when I really break it down my kids are forced to hide their eyes subtly behind throw pillows.. but generally they are good sports about it.

4. Family Home Evening. There's this joke much beloved by the Mormons (who tend to be easily amused by church humour) that this is the only family fight which begins and ends with a prayer. But you know..when it is good it is so good. Tonight it was good. We sang, we prayed, we played, we talked about what we were grateful for. I felt so much joy and peace. Good.

5. Listening to what my kids are grateful for today. It made me teary
Mommy staying home and getting me everything I needed when I was sick
Mommy cuddles us
Daddy works and picks me up from places like piano and brings home his computer so we can dance
The other 3 kids 'cos I like to play soccer and stuff with them
The church because I like to listen to General Conference and to you guys reading the Book of Mormon.
Going to Math Olympiads-it makes me better at Math. (I am thankful for all the people in our community who care enough to offer this kind of enrichment).
That M can come to our house almost every Monday.
I am thankful that I can have a mom and dad and brothers and a sister
My wonderful wife and amazing children
Thankful for FHE where we feel the Spirit and remember how much we love each other and how rich we are with all of our blessings.
PS: Welcome Gail, Julia and Kendall ! Y'all rock.

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julia said...

One thing I learned as a teacher is that Mormons are very family oriented.
There aren't lots of Mormons in the SE TN area, but there are some. I had the privilege of teaching some awesome kids from Mormon families. One of the boys once invited me to his church for a "favorite teacher" dinner. I was so humbled! His mom worked at our school and I got to teach all but one of her children. They were so well behaved and had such great manners. One of my daughter's very best friends is Morman. We got to know her family very well over the years and I was soooooo impressed with everything about them. I also got to teach all three of the kids in that family. So, whatever it is you Mormon folks know about raising your children pass it on and keep it up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your FHE sounds wonderful! Believe me, it gets harder when they (kids) really are all REAL adults renting near-by apartments from you. How much jurisdiction do you have over a tenant? But when it happens it is great. Keep it up. You are an inspiration.