I just watched a woman turn herself inside out....

on the Jay Leno show. It was a Cirque du Soleil thing. More proof that we were definitely not all created equal when it comes to things like flexibility and double/triple? jointed-ness. I was fortunate enough to see this as I battled technical difficulties with the much hyped....... Octoberphotofest.

I don't usually like to discuss personal family matters on the blog but I think we have all been with each other long enough to share with you that my computer has a hard time parting with photos in order to upload them to anywhere else. I think it's some sort of attachment disorder. We are working with it on this, but I'm not going to lie, it's been a strain on us all. I think the end it is going to bring us all closer together though.

That, together with my issues when it comes to choosing just one of the 30 photos I took of my kids posing in more or less the same configuration, means that you should have that post by early December, but I'm not promising anything.

I did however promise to post in gratitude each day and I am here to make good on that. Because I'm all about the follow through. Like with the Halloween photos. Er...hem...

Ok here goes:

1. I am thankful for the fact that I did not have to protect my young from their father when they were infants. Finny and I watched this PBS special about animal mothers and their young today. Do you even KNOW how dysfunctional those families are??? It's a shocker. These poor moms. I thought it was bad when the hospital kicked me out after 18 hours and not even 2 pudding cups when Gracie was born. Well, actually that was bad.

But not as bad as the lionesses have it.

You'd think they wouldn't be stressed about protecting their young with the fathers being the kings of the jungle and all that. Except that the father's don't really give a flying feces about their young, in fact they are frequently pretty hostile toward them and the mom has to hold her breath when the introductions are made 'cos there is always the possibility that daddy is having a bad day (it is tough lying the in the shade all day) and a penchant for infanticide.

To complicate things further, another lion dude will show up and decide he wants one of these young moms to start a family with. But he doesn't want to deal with the step-kids. So he kills them. Niiiiice. Occasionally when enough of the lionesses in the pride have babies, they will all rally together to run the interloper off. But usually this doesn't happen because they are all desperate to get pregnant themselves so they just leave him to his devices, hoping he will take favour on them, and ditch their poor sister and nieces/nephews to their horrible fate.

They did a close-up of the poor defeated mother watching as he casually bumped off her adorable cubs. She had hatred in her eyes. I am sure of it. It was quite chilling. I would watch my back if I was that lion.

It's true that we human beings in developed countries are kind of wusses, what with our society which tends to promote the survival of our young and everything.

2. I am thankful for the fact that my little boy still thinks that hanging with me and re-enacting baby/mamas in the wild is the best time ever.

3. It's awesome that I have a nice place to go and work out when the weather is gucky. Which it is. And will be for the next 6 months. I just had to put that out there. Best to just face these things with your eyes wide open. And your SAD light plugged in.

4.All those dirty socks I collect from their creative hiding places around the house every day. They point to healthy, active children. (Even if those children appear to have severe deficiencies in their short term memory since I have to explain the concept of a laundry hamper to them every.single.day).

And you know, socks really are one of those luxuries that we totally take for granted. Go check out Hannah's Socks to find out more about this. It will touch you, guaranteed.

5.Washing machine to wash those socks. You think tossing a bunch of dirty stuff in a cylinder, adding a scoop of something and shutting the lid is trying? Consider the wash-day plight of our pioneer sisters. And then there is the dryer. Unthinkable luxury when you put it all into perspective, isn't it?

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{ L } said...

I know I always say this, but you're so funny! :)

LOVE this whole idea of posting things you're thankful for though! Good post!

Tooj said...

I am sooooo thankful you mentioned the plight of the sock. It's not even plural because you rarely find them together. They're always solo. And under everything. Thank you for having the same problems I felt I was alone burdening. Aaahhhh. It'll make turning them right side out a little easier tonight. GROSS. Boy feet are gross.