On the 19th day of November...

I am grateful because:

1. I have a job I love. For many reasons. For instance:

This morning I was ironing, Finny came and found me.

Finny:Hi Mommy! I've been pretending to be a dinosaur downstairs.

Me: Cool! What type of dinosaur?

Finny: A pteranodon. The type that flies!

Me: Awesome. Did you fly up here?

Finny:(Chuckles at my naivete:) No mommy! I walked upstairs. I only fly downstairs.

Watches me iron for a while

Finny: Mommy, how does the irony (all my kids have called the iron an "irony" ) make the clothes flat?

Me:Ummm...well the iron is very hot, so it melts the wrinkles. (I am very scientific)

Finny: Like you melt me mommy! (Hugs my legs). Ooooooh I just love you so much! I'm going to fly downstairs some more now.

Me: (Melts)

2.Fine chocolate and superior ginger ale delivered to my door. Don't you wish your visiting teachers were hot like mine?

3. Jogging with my husband tonight. We used to jog in college so that we could spend extra time together. It reminded me of that. Later as I jogged by as he lifted weights, I enjoyed catching his eye so we could grin at each other. I like him. Rather a lot.

4. People in our community who sacrifice their time and offer their talents to enrich the lives of my kids.

5.Getting to take a warm bath on a cold night, talking about fun girly things with my daughter who sat next to the tub, making her giggle with glee. Hearing her recount my hilarious-ness to her brothers later. She is not a giggly child. When she giggles, she really means it. It's delicious.

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Carri said...

Most definitely things to be grateful for. I love the sounds of giggling children. I have been writing daily on things I am grateful for on my facebook. It is so much fun finding new things daily to be grateful for.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Those are all such DELICIOUS things! Yummy!


Devon said...

Wonderful post. You made me smile this dreary grey day. Thank you!!

paparazzimom said...

I loved this post. I heart Finny and I really love #5 for the gimpse into my future. :) Elli already joins me in the bathroom if I take a bath...and peeks in to giggle or grin at me in the shower.

julia said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt post. Thanks!

Aubrey said...

How precious! You've captured a tender moment. :) So nice to reconnect with you, Kirsty. What a great idea to post things you are thankful for. I always loved your accent when you were my YW leader up in Moscow.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my eyes are all misty. It truly is the BEST job in the world.

Dorkys Ramos said...

What a sweet life and family you have. There's quite a bit to be grateful for :)

Chief said...

What a great conversation to have with your kid! Yumminess