Seventh heaven

1. Yoplait Delights Parfait. 100 calories. Super yummy. I am grateful. You should try that stuff.

2.Getting to watch Finny pump his fist in the air in perfect rhythm while watching This Is It. He also bust out some moves (it was like being at a live concert) and a few WHOOO! WHOO!'s just like M.J) he finished it all off with rock star hands. (As seen on his birthday)

It was awesome. MJ was amazing. And a really nice guy, actually. He didn't even act very weird when he was not being interviewed. You should watch that movie.

3.Gorgeous weather today in which to do some much needed yard work. I would appreciate it if we could have more weather like this on a regular basis. Consider this my formal request. You should sign the petition.

4.Living in a college town where we got to watch the college marching band perform as part of the young people's orchestra series today. (It's where really great musicians give performances that will appeal to/educate little kids on their own level). Today there was a baton twirler and everything. It was excellent fun. If you live in my town you should go to these things.

5. A non-frantic Saturday. I almost did not know what to do with myself. But somehow, I managed. You should have a non-frantic Saturday some time.
PS: Welcome Simoney! Thanks for joining.

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Koala Green said...

I officially signing the petition!!

Jill said...

I'm glad you put up the pic of Finney doing his rockstar hands because I had an image of him doing jazz hands in mind... :)

Dahling said...

Saw "This is It" last night and LOVED it. Got a bit sad though contemplating the INCREDIBLE talent that the world has lost but then cheered myself by imagining MJ listening to and accepting the gospel :) How do you get the non-hectic Saturday ?? I was basically flat out non stop for 16 hours yesterday and then had the joy of practising the primary presentation today. I go to work on Monday to recuperate...Finny is going to be rockstar one day - mark my words !

{ L } said...

2 idea's you've given me today! I want to watch that movie and try the yoplait treat! Thanks :)