Thanksgiving Thanks

I did not get to my computer yesterday evening so here's my Wednesday 5

1. Playing soccer with my kids, husband and friends. It was so much more fun then my intended workout of running 5K in tight circles. Incidentally I feel that it should be documented somewhere that I am now the reigning champion of the community center "wall sit". I beat the MEN'S time by 15 seconds, the woman's time by about a minute. The men's record was held by a male personal hem. I am telling you this because I was alone when it happened and no one was there to confirm this amazing fact. Thus my name will not be on the leader-board, where it rightfully belongs. But it happened. And it was spectacular. I am thankful for the strength of my thighs. If not for their size.

2.I am thankful that the house in our neighbourhood that used to make me sad every time I stopped at the stop sign next to it no longer has a foreclosure sticker on the front door and is now inhabited and most enthusiastically decorated with all manner of Christmas lights. Never has a over the top Christmas light display put more warmth into my heart.

3.A laid-back Wednesday evening at home with my family. A rare, precious, and novel thing in the home of a YW President and a Scout master. It was great.

4.The fact that Amy loves to cook. (And is good at it). I am sure she did not have as laid back a Wednesday night as ours was. Bless her heart.

5.Zicam. Dude, that stuff is truly amazing. Even if it does make people lose their sense of smell. They weren't smelling anything with all that snot in there anyway. At least now they can breathe now, am I right?

And here are my thanks for today so far:

1. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Where else do you get to watch snippets of broadway shows and giant Pikachu's. It's a marvelous spectacle and the day would lose its magic without it. I am also glad that my children were able to glimpse themselves in the broadcast of our hometown parade last week. A big thrill to be on TV.

2.We are responsible today for a ham, a pie and the mashed potatoes. None of which tax my culinary abilities. Even though Aaron takes care of most of these things anyway, it is nice to know that if I were left to my own devices, I could cope with these responsibilities without too much hysteria.

3.The Richardson's who will be hosting us for endless hours today, and the other dear friends who will be joining us. It is so nice to have "family" in town. Our friends are so good to us and I can't imagine life without them.

4.My eternal family, both immediate and extended. A priceless blessing for which I can never truly express my love and gratitude.

5.My loving Father in Heaven who loves me exactly as I am and shows His hand in my life daily, and His Son who made eternal joy possible.

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely friends, I hope that you will be counting your blessings and will find that they are abundant.

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have an amazing day.

And way to go on beating the wall sit time. ;)

Chief said...

Happy Bird Day!

I appreciate you and your thoughts on all you are thankful for

{ L } said...

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

{ L } said...

oops, I posted before I was done...anyways, I also wanted to tell you that I've so enjoyed reading your thankful list. Thank you for sharing.