Well for goodness sakes

I got as far as writing the grateful title of yesterday's post. Whereupon I took at nap. 'Twas around 4pm yesterday. I stayed supine until 8am today. I was really tired y'all. But still....that's a lot of hours to be supine. I wasn't solidly asleep, I would drift to the service every so often and think, "I really must get up". I drifted to the surface to tell Gracie that they should pray and start (the delicious smelling Aaron prepared) dinner without me...I'd be right down. I drifted to the surface to grunt..goodnight or something like that to Aaron when he joined me. I drifted to the surface at about 2am thinking I really should take my contacts out and brush my teeth...I drifted to the surface to say goodbye to Aaron at about 5am...I drifted to the surface at about 5:45am for what I thought was for good. I had lots of brilliant thoughts at that hour. I was about to get out of bed to write them down and begin implementing them when Finny who had joined me at some time turned over, sighed and clutched at me. You don't leave a sweet smelling, sighing warm and cuddly little boy. So I fell asleep again. Waking at 7:45am to the sound of Finny asking me if he could watch TV. I felt groggy, tired, slightly resentful at having been woken..It had only been 15 hours or so that I'd been in bed after all. Gosh, give a mom a break, kid! I felt...awful.

I realized the weakness and tiredness might be attributed to starvation, dehydration and muscle atrophy so I dragged myself out of bed to remedy those situations.

I so sympathise with the hibernating bear. No wonder they are so grumpy when they wake up.

I blame Aaron. He insisted that I take a nap. I warned him that it would not turn out well. Now he knows.

I wonder if I will sleep tonight. I certainly don't feel overly energetic so probably. Maybe sleep marathons will become my new thing. Less sweaty and injury prone then the other type, certainly. And they do take a certain level of endurance and commitment. Not everyone can stand to lie in bed for that long. (Incidentally, I usually lie on the insomniac end of the spectrum so this was kind of a novel experience).

Anyway I have some catch up to do

1. Grateful that I can tuck my well-fed babies warmly into safe comfortable beds at night. When I think of all the moms who struggle to feed and protect their children each night, all over the world, I realize how much I take for granted.

2.A sweet husband who insists that I take a nap, and takes the kids for bike rides and makes dinner and and and....all that other stuff while I do.

3.My SAD lamp. It is soooo grey today.

4.Waking up to a sweet smelling slumbering little boy cuddled up to me. I will miss these days.

5.The fact that my kids are diligent about doing their homework and studying. I was not at all like them in this regard as a child and it amazes me that they are. I sometimes complain that they are over-the-top about getting their work done in a timely manner, but it is certainly a lot better then the alternative. So glad they overcame their slacker mom genes.

More later...I have some catching up to do.

P.S: Welcome old (but very young) friend Aubrey and Kirsty (yay!-another person named Kirsty, I wonder if everyone calls her Kristy, too). So excited you are both here.

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Let sleeping wives lie - Hubbie Aaron said...

I was sure you were going to wake up at any time. Once it got past 8 o'clock I decided if I woke you that you would probably be up the rest of the night, so I let you sleep and hoped for the best. Hoping that as the day progresses you'll feel better.
Love you!

Jill said...

I little bit of me must have rubbed off on you! I am known far and wide for my great ability to nap. I can nap from 3-6, got to bed at 10 and sleep until 10. Yes, I am that good. Lazy? No, just in need of vast amounts of re-energizing. I blame my life-sucking piles of laundry.

{ L } said...

Mommy hibernation is sometimes a good thing!

I know I've said this before but I just love your writing style! You have a true gift for writing.

Elizabeth a.k.a. Type A Mommy said...

Love your husband's comment! I should definitely try one of those sleep marathons. Sounds heavenly. But then again that would require my husband to stop working so darn hard on the weekend. A sleep marathon sounds pretty darn good at the moment!

Gail said...

WOW! That is SOME sleep! You must have been exhausted my dear!

Hope you are feeling refreshed and ready again!