Well now...

Due to technical difficulties rather then lack of gratitude...here is Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday's worth of gratitude....go get a drink and take a potty break. Or come back tomorrow when I'll be back to 5 at a time. Probably.

1. We have an awesome little town where we have a tree lighting with hot chocolate and soup and carriage rides and stuff. And the best hometown parade ever.

2. We have friends who we can stand with while waiting an hour to ride the horse carriage and 2 hours for the parade to finish. Also they make it so we are the only carriage load with racuous caroling. And what point is doing anything if not for racuous caroling? We know the horses appreciate it.

3. Finny feels like a rock star because of his participation in the parade. He is in the best age when everything is still so completely wide-eyed wonderful and exciting. He marched part of the way with the boyz from the soccer club and showed off his mad skillz. I had no idea he could juggle (with a bounce) the ball 16 times in a row. No idea. The things you learn in a parade.

4. Benj gave a Primary talk how preparing to be a good father today and he had lots of good points from watching his own.

5.Found exactly what I needed at Goodwill yesterday. After searching unsuccessfully it at the stores where you have to pay real money. Ha. Actually my friend Amy found it for me. Yay Amy! I knew you could do it. (Amy has consignment store insecurities but she's gaining confidence all the time).

6. Perfect weather all weekend long. A two hour parade is just so much more fun when you aren't freezing.

7. One of my employers paid me early this month. Which compensated a bit for the other employer which has yet to pay me for last month.

8.When Benjamin fell of the high kitchen chair, tipping the bowl of cereal and milk onto his head after him, as he went down, he was unharmed. Apart from his pride when I could not refrain from laughing. Hysterically. And pointing.

9.His siblings were outraged at my insensitivity toward their brother. (Far more then he himself was.) And made every effort to keep this picture from being taken. That's sweet. No? Here are a couple of my thwarted attempts.

10. The fact that my 11 year old is shamelessly, fiercely protective of his designated mommy cuddle time (each kid gets a designated night once a week when its just me and them and they are vigilant about making that appoinment.)

11. My husband joining me supportively and uncomplainingly on my PMS induced obsessive quest for "perfect shoes" (Perfect for what, one couldn't say, I'd only know them when I saw them) which also had to cost under $20. Apparently such a thing no longer exists. I guess I'm in a time warp from the 1950's. But he was a real soldier while we discoverd this sad fact (Even though he was starving!)

12.Watching all the kids walk into the Thanksgiving assembly today bearing gifts of canned/boxed food to donate to the local foodbank. They walked in as some of the kids played the recorders and drums-a traditional Indian song. It was touching to see the solemnity with which they placed their offerings (particularly the leader of the kindergartners, this ADORABLE little boy in an orange sweater, with big blue eyes taking it all in, and perfectly kissable little lips pursed as he stood on his tippy toes to set his cans just right on the table. That kid was sooooo stinking cute. And I'm not just saying that because he's mine.) When I saw the tables buried beneath it all that bounty from just one or two cans from each kid, it was easy to see how we really would be able to stamp out hunger if everyone got involved and it wouldn't take very much from each person. We are so blessed to have enough to share.

13. 4 teacher conferences all in a row tonight. My kids are rockstars. Is it bragging for me to say so if they really are? Even if I don't take the least bit of credit for it? Maybe so. Fortunately it's my blog so that is legal even if it does make you feel a bit pukey. I apologize you may want to click over to another site and clear your mind of all this and come back tomorrow because it only gets worse from here* I'm not going to lie, they are embarassingly awesome. Their grades are amazing (you can see Aaron's genes hard at work all over thep place) but what made us walk on air was hearing how kind, considerate and well rounded they were. That they put aside their own needs to help others, look out for the underdog and don't "think themselves is great" because they are smart. And each teacher mentioned their love and concern for each other as siblings. Dude, does it get any better? No it does not. It. Does. Not. It doesn't. Nope.

Here they are with our little friend Aleah. She is exploring the wonders of the "Hop" as she christened Thumper and they are entranced with her and also very protective, lest the Hop protest.

14.Hazelnut coffee creamer in the hot chocolate. It's good stuff man. (Thanks Britanny for that tip!)

15.We have the best Dairy-Queen in America in our town. It is an institution. Super grungy. BUT you can get an obscene amount of VERYAMAZING ice-cream for a very small amount of money there. We fed everyone enough to feel sick tonight for $5. Quality Blizzards, I'm talking here folks. It's also cool that we almost always bump into the lovely, lekker, Lakes there. Hi Lakes! They are fun. They make me smile.

16. Garbage disposals. (Stephy-lou do you remember the first time I ever used one? It was on Thanksgiving. So my 14th anniversary of disposing myself of a garbage disposal is coming right up. Good times, good times.

17. Crock pots. Seriously. Tell me why we ever do it any other way?

18. Fog delays. I love telling the kids to go to bed for a couple more hours. Not that they ever do. But it makes me feel benevolent and powerful.

19. Hot water. Abundant hot water to take a shower in. With good smelling soapy stuff, and warm,dry fluffy towels to dry off with after.

20. Being able to settle into a comfortable position when I go to bed at night. You only have to get pregnant, sick or injured to realize what a blessing this is. Nothing magnifies any of those situations like trying to get comfortable at night.

21.An endless supply of books to read. An endless supply of paper to write on. Well not endless, but as much as I need. If you visit some of the rural schools in Africa you realize what a blessing this is and how much we take it for granted.

22. My friends who teach me by example about service even when they have broken feet and life pressures of their own.

23. The smell of balsam and cedar. Evokes a million emotions and memories. Thank you Yankee Candle, you overpriced miracle in a jar, you.

24. Somebody in the house who thinks of doing things like vaccuuming the furnace filters and checking the sump pump and gross/boring stuff like that. You're awesome Gracie! ;)

25.Anticipating the next few days. My favourite weekend of all the year is coming up. And the anticipation is almost as good as the events thereof.
And a bonus gratitude point for wireless internet. The loss of which I am feeling acutely.

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cat said...

Such a great list and thanks for visiting. I agree about comfortable in bed - one of the worst experiences about a twin pregnancy was the sleeping bit.

Tooj said...

I went along, making mental notes of all the things I wanted to say, yes yes and yes to! And then I read #20. Woman, yes. Emphatically. Exhaustfully. Pregnantly. Yes.

Anonymous said...

I kept recounting the little heads and wondering who the 5th head was. What a cute little person. Love the Hop name. Kids are great. I am so proud of yours for loving each other the way they do. You have done lots right!