Yesterday I woke up at 1am....

after going to bed at mid-night. And could not go back to sleep. But that was ok because at 3:30am my friend Cindi picked me up and we began a shopping excursion of epic proportions.

Extreme Shopping, if you will. Something I swore I'd never do.

We were there at 4am when one store opened, at 5am when the next store opened. We stood in a line that ended blocks away from the door, shivering in the cold and darkness. waiting for the doors to open. We stood in lines that wound back and forth through all the aisles of the store waiting to pay for our purchases. Sometime in there my phone died and I lost Cindi. Until I summoned the courage to borrow the phone of a young guy whose phone was far fancier then my laptop. At which point Cindi hysterically informed me that my phone was not working and she was at the checkout. I sprinted over there (as much as one can sprint through throngs of people) but she did not tell me WHICH checkout. She ended up paying for my purchases. Don't worry, I paid her back.

We will never do that again. And this time my promise to myself will remain true.

Why? You may ask. Or maybe you may not ask. Either way, I will tell you why.

Because when we came back to that store to return something we had found cheaper elsewhere, an hour or so later (when the lines were practically non-existent), everything we'd bought was still in stock. Apart from the one thing that had lured us in in, which we hadn't been able to find at all. It was sneakily placed on the opposite side of the store one would expect it to be in. Oh well.

But! It was an experience. One I will not repeat, but an experience nonetheless. I'm sure then you will understand that blogging was the last thing on my mind when I finally had the opportunity to, at around 3pm.

So these are the things I am thankful for....for yesterday. I'm a day behind and (many) dollars short but I remain grateful.

1.Firstly, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving to fortify us for all the shopping. I will post this year's pictorial retrospective when I get a chance.

2. Cindi is a fun and fabulous shopping companion.

3. I had money with which to shop.

4. My Christmas shopping is done. Done I say. AND? I stayed within my tight budget with $50 to spare! (I highly recommend shopping with lists, limiting gifts to 3 per child and shopping with cold, hard cash.)

5. The thrill my kids got out of wearing their "Christmas jammies" (procured on the insane shopping trip) for the first time last night. They are so cute. I am grateful they are all still a fan of tradition and cozy matching Christmas pajamas. (I have a feeling this might be the last year).

Did anyone else take part in Extreme Shopping yesterday? How did it go?

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Gail said...

WOW! That IS extreme shopping to the max!

I like your 3 gifts limit. And that you've come in under budget. Hope I can do the same!

Chief said...

I have never doe it but thought I was going to this year until I found out I could get everything online at 2:00 in the morning. Better to be in jammies at home than in the craziness at the store

{april kennedy} said...

This is the first year I did NOT do the 4:00 am craze shopping with my sister. Neither of us had anything on our lists on super special sale but oh how we missed it. We will NEVER sleep in again the day after Thanksgiving. It is usually when I get all my stockings stuffed with super "little" items on sale.

I will say that a trip to Target today still had most door-buster items still in stock which is extremely unusual. Usually the door-busters sell out early, but this is a tough year.

I'm glad you did have fun. It is crazy and exactly how I like starting my Christmas shopping....seeing everyone in town I know with hats on covering their bed head, no make-up on and running around a store like a chicken with their heads cut off yelling "hi" as you pass them by....oh the fun!

Amy said...

You're far braver than I am!! Glad you approached it with a spirit of adventure!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

What a fun post - so glad your holidays were wonderful. We have a girls out tradition of hitting the early BF sales. It's more for fun than anything - we don't get toooo crazy, but we bring along all the girls in the family to carry, stand in lines, and play gopher running for last minute items. I too am finished with my shopping. Beats a month of craziness at the stores in December!


Kristen said...

I attempted to go at midnight at Toys R Us. Upon seeing the large, and ominous crowd, I left. I wanted to live. I returned late morning and found almost everything I wanted anyway. I am glad I left since that store had a riot and the police were called.

The Sayer Family said...

I go with my mom every year but we didn't leave until 5:45 this year. I think 3:30 wouldn've killed me. My shopping is practically all done and almost stayed under budget (Jeremy found something he thought the boys should have!)

Dahling said...

Bizarre American custom ! Why don't the shops just open at the normal time ? You could still queue for 3 hours from 6am to 9am to fight over the ample stock, and everyone could still get their adrenalin high stampeding in together at 9am. NOTHING is worth waking up that early for....although in my case I would probably be between 1st and 2nd sleeps ; )

Julia said...

I don't like shopping on a normal day, so no way would I ever purposely put myself in such a crowd. I applaud people who do this though. I think it would be a fun tradition with the right companion, maybe?!