Happy Light Giveaway WINNER!....

First off, all of your SAD comments truly touched my heart and if I could give you each a lamp, believe me, I would. One day when I am rich and famous. Hang in there. (And if you possibly can, please go buy your own).

Ok so do you believe in karma? I do. I really believe we are blessed for the good we put out in the world and that it returns to us, magnified.

Which is why I had to check the numbers three times to confirm this winner because it was just too good.

After I had Finny, I was afflicted with really terrible post-partum depression. Depression is confusing and scary and there is nothing like having someone who has been there, done that and come out of it alive to walk you through the nightmare to the other side. My friend "Keara" was that person for me. I actually featured her as a fab friday follower some time ago (obviously the random number gods favour her-see there's that karma at work ;). She patiently, and with great sensitivity stuck by my side as I figured out how to treat this horrible illness. She understood all the weird mentalities, fears, obsessions and assured me that in this abnormal scheme of things, they were normal. She knew when it was ok to tell me that I was being a ninny (but in the kindest possible way) and she knew when to just listen. Not only did she "get it". She really knew how to help me in just the way I needed to be helped. She was literally a God-send.

And now I hope I get to return the favour in some small way. Congratulations! I really hope it works for you!

Here's her S.A.D.D story

~ Keara said...

Wow, I like so many others that have posted, would LOVE to see if the SAD light lamp could help me my winter blahs. The lack of daylight hours brings with it a huge cut in my motivation and energy every winter--I mean in a sitonmybuttallday kind of way, sadly. Additionally, I've struggled with anxiety, depression and mood disorders my whole life, so winter and its ugly weather in the northeast really rocks my world (and not in a good way). Come springtime, it's amazing how different my attitude becomes. I've never been able to scrape together the funds to try a lamp like this, but I'd sure like to try it out to see if it would work for me. Like Jill, I'd shout from the rooftops (and my blog) if it works for me.

I hope for your sake that it does! Congratulations!

Stay tuned y'all for more great giveaways I am working on sending your way!

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Brigitte said...

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S Keara
Enjoy your lamp! I hope it turns your SADness into Happiness!

Stef said...

Congratulations Keara ;) !!!! Im sooo happy for you!!!!!

~ Keara said...

I am truly thrilled and honored to have won this and to have been mentioned in such a way. Thank you to all of those who've given me such sincere congrats. I can't wait to receive my lamp and to try it out!

Tooj said...

Congrats to the winner. I definitely get the winter blues. Nothing as drastic as what it could be, I believe...but I certainly have to fight off lots of negativity. I need sunshine more often, and warm breezes dusting my day. I need to move.