Resolutions? We don't need no resolutions!

We need a plan. Resolutions are fine and fabulous but they get you nowhere without a plan. Yeah, yeah...
I'm not telling you anything you haven't heard before but unless you are exercising consistently and getting the results you want you need to hear it again anyway. Most resolution lists have some version of bodily improvement on them. And that's great. But here's the next step.

My tips for getting and staying fit. My qualifications for tip giving? I've been unfit and overweight. I am now fit, at a healthy weight and do some personal training. I don't usually love exercising. But I love the benefits. Just like most people, getting out there to exercise is a daily internal battle which I would not win without the following:

1. Have an appointment.
2. Have a goal
3. Have a friend.

I have a standing appointment to work out at a specific time at a specific place. People are expecting me, my absence will be noticed. There is a short window of opportunity. Leaving it to chance pretty much guarantees that it wont be consistent. I am someone who does not like to proceed with the day un-showered, so getting dressed into workout gear as soon as I get out of bed is a great incentive for me to get it over and done with so I can get clean and groomed.

Having a goal weight is fine I guess, but I find having a performance goal even more motivating. I am always in the process of training for something. A race of sorts, or an event on the community center throw-down board. I don't like competition, it makes me very nervous, but it definitely works for me.

Need 2 of the 3? Search no further. Join the Momedy Throwdown starting 1-1-10! It's going to be awesome.

Finally, if you are planning to invest in any fitness equipment this year let me make some recommendations:
1. Good shoes. Good shoes will save you from injuries and make everything more enjoyable. Invest in good shoes. Really.

2. Free weights/bands. Start with 5lb dumb-bells, then get some 10lbers (or whatever you think would work best for you) Elastic exercise bands also work amazingly well and are generally cheaper and easier to store/travel with.

3. Exercise ball. These are so versatile and useful. And it doubles as a toy for the kids.

4. Heart-rate monitor. If you are just starting or re-starting an exercise program your perceived exertion levels may be a bit to a lot misleading. Often you think you are working much harder then you really are, or need to be to get results. Basically your body fakes you out and makes you act like a wuss. I find people almost always feel that they are at their limit with their heart-rate telling them a totally different story. Once they get on a H/R monitor, they are inspired to push a bit harder and to discover that lo and behold, they have it in them. You just need something really basic, no bells or whistles. Get someone who is qualified to figure out your HR zones for you and you're on your way.

Ok? Ok! Let's do this thing!
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Bethany said...

You do some personal training? Any thoughts on shin splints? I have good sneakers yet whenever I run I get them. BAD.

Kirsty said...

Thanks for stopping by! I would say that you are probably running too fast or too far. Failing which, you are introducing too much hill-work too soon. Overdoing it too soon is almost always the cause of shinsplints (followed closely by bad shoes and you ruled that one out ;) Try reaaaaaaalllllllly slowing it down and interspersing with walking breaks.

Remember to ice your shins right after runs if you are prone. (Freezing a couple of water bottles and rolling them up and down your shins is one method)

I really like Jeff Galloways approach to running. It pretty much guarantees that you wont be injured. Check him out.

Good luck, hope this helps!

Rachel Cotterill said...

How do you use the ball? I bought one on impulse but haven't figured it out!

Paula said...

I'm headed back to the gym today! I swear I've gained 15 lbs the past two weeks!!

I wish I had a gym partner. All my friends go to another gym that costs twice the amount of mine. I'll have to step out of my shell and talk to a stranger!

Kirsty said...

@Rachel:Hi Rachel
Thanks for stopping by! There are about 1000 different ways to use the ball. Check out for some ideas or just google "exercise" ball or "swiss ball" for more ideas. I like to do crunches on mine, lie on my back and lift it with my legs and then twist it from side to side (great for abs and legs), lift it out front and above my head (great for arms).....the list goes on and on. Good luck!
@Paula: or you could recruit someone who doesn't go to a gym yet to come to yours. You could post a "need workout partner" on the gym bulletin board. And! You should join our throwdown :)

Julia said...

Okay, Okay, I hear you, now I've just got to listen to you!

Working Mommy said...

What a great idea - a plan and not a now I will put it on my to-do list...I plan to plan...yes, that works nicely!