Top 10 Most Underratted Posts on Momedy This Year

Here are some posts you may have missed which I think are rather entertaining and deserve a second look. Not that I'm biased in any way. It's not like they are my creation, sprung from my very soul...or anything like that

In no particular order:

In an attempt to make you laugh:

So it turns out my parents did have us just to be their slaves

I will pray for you

An interview with my Sister: On bringing light to the world

Large Trash Pick Up

Just So You Know

In an attempt to unload an excess of sentimentality:

Summer of Love (if only to get the Pretenders song stuck in your brain for the next week)

Time is Money (one I have reflected on many times this year.)

If I could turn back time (hmmm I'm sensing a theme)

Just because:

This one almost won me a computer. Well maybe. I was at the most 10 people away from a new computer. Thanks to those who voted.

And finally...Thoughts to take into the New Year: (even if they aren't actually mine)
Notes from Benjamin Zander

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

and what fun it has been reading your blog! Great year!

Lynn said...

Can't wait till Friday....I also got my brother and sister in law in on this. We are sooooo ready! Time for a new US!

My best, Lynn

marlynn said...

fun! glad I found you via SITS! love your blog tagline :)

Stephanie said...

Hot dang, I still cry with laughter every time I read your exchange with Shona about poor Sybil. I needed that belly laugh....

"And so our stories go..." said...

Great blog and love the comments.
Visiting from SITS.