Announcing the winner of the No Nasty Chemicals $25 GC......

Randomly chosen (yet quaintly appropriate it seems) is Jenny of the Southern Institute of Domestic Arts and Crafts. (Jenny, have I mentioned yet how much I love the name of your blog? It always makes me smile.)

Have a lovely shopping spree Jenny. I am still trilling with glee over my whites.

I'm reading: Announcing the winner of the No Nasty Chemicals $25 GC......Tweet this!


Jill said...

I have only done 1 semi-energetic thing in the past &%&^^%$$^ years and I feel as if you are once again shunning me... (sad clown eyes and small violins playing in the background)

My 1:06 plank that I am positive either injured my back or dislodged a new kidney stone is not on the wall... Is it merely an accident made by my uber busy friends or is there more to it? Are you perhaps scared by my secret awesomeness? The gauntlet is almost thrown my friend...first I would have to get off the couch and shave my legs so we're not quite there yet...perhaps when we're closer to capri weather!

Jenny said...

Oh thanks Kirsty!!! I'm so excited! And thanks for the kind words about my blog... my incredibly witty husband came up with the title. Gotta give him the credit.

Anyway, I'll email you my details. Thanks again!