Due to technicality difficulties I have not been able to update the wall the past few days. All your awe-inspiring accomplishments have been duly noted and I will get them all up in their rightful spots today. Never fear, never fear. Carry on!

If you have anything to add email or post ASAP so I can get it up there on this incarnation of the wall.

May I add...you guys are impressive. I'm going to have to step up my own efforts, apparently.

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mama-face said...

Okie dokie. I have no idea what the wall is...I'm fairly new around here-but I hope your technicality difficulties clear up soon.

:) I'll have to look around.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you have the challenge information in a format that I can print out and take to the gym with me? I want to make sure I have proper form....lol
connie (july 2K)

Connie Bennett said...

Okay, I tried four of the challenges with the following results:
wall sits- 3:30
plank- 3:03
pull ups- 6
push ups in 2 min- 52

I don't see the wall right now so I don't know where I'm at- home these are at least respectable...lol

connie bennett said...

just did 115 situps- couldn't remember the rules at the gym and thought I'd sneak them in before the shower.....that was hard...