Are y'all ready for THIS? Throwdown starts TODAY

Hello luvvies

I trust you all had a fun time seeing in the New Year. I definitely did. But more on that later. Getting to the matter at hand. That of getting ripped. Or less disgustingly flabby. Whatever applies. Hooray! It's finally the Big Day! Let's GO. So if you scroll to the bottom of this here blog page, you will see a larger version of this:

Have no fear, we will expand the wall as much as it needs to be expanded to fit all qualified contestants on it. It will be constantly updated. And yes, I realize I left some of the categories off but I'll add them as soon as someone qualifies for them.

I must take this opportunity to clarify that you don't have to attempt every category. Just do what you want to do. But push yourself. That's the point.

I must also take the opportunity to show you a picture of the current Comm. Center throwdown board upon which I ..erhem..dominate. This is for both bragging (breaking a resolution not to brag so much) and illustrative purposes. As you can tell, I only attempted that which I was fairly confident that I could win (apart from the pull-up which I did in a manic moment as a joke and am mystified as to why I have not yet been replaced). I took a photograph mostly because I'm pretty sure this will be a short lived reign of terror. (But something that I will probably continue to brag about henceforth and forever).

ANYWAY: The doing it only if I can win thing it is, I fully recognize, a BAD attitude and not one I want to promote here. On this here wall of fame, anyone who makes a decent (see "Blog Props" rules) effort will be recognized and perhaps even rewarded. SO while you certainly don't have to do everything, there is no harm in trying. Right? Right! You may find a hidden talent. Because I respect TRYING even more then I respect winning. Really.

So...any takers yet? Anybody qualifying for blog props in any category on this fine first day of this stupendous second decade? Just comment here, or on the original throwdown post, email or whatever to let me know and I will slap your name on up there for us to all ooh.....ahhhh and feel secretly jealous and competitive over. Ok? Ok. Remember time does not matter. What matters is that you got off your glutes and did it. And really was there ever a better day to start then today? I think not.

Let's do this thing.

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Rachel Cotterill said...

OK, here's my first marker, a somewhat ache-inducing 60 second plank. I'll do more later!

Working Mommy said...

What a great idea!! I don't have anything now - but maybe in a few days - or weeks...


Brittany said...

20 pushups
1 minute 6 seconds wall sit
1 minute 27 secs plank hold
42 sit ups
starting weight 140lbs (kinda depressing--I gained 4 holiday pounds)

Jules said...

I did a mile in 12:04. My friends and I are planning to "condition" on our own and every two weeks meet up and do some up these exercises together.

Lynn said...

Tried to post our times before midnight but alas, our dinner guests had other we go!

Wall Sit: Me*:44, Michael (hubs)*:40
Jump Rope: Me*50 in a row
Push Ups: Michael*20
Plank Hold: Micheal*:44 (so close yet so far away...)
Sit Ups: Michael*20
Bench Dips: Michael*15 without stopping

Needless to say, my husband went crazy and me? Not so much. I hope he will be able to move in the morning! :o)

My best, Lynn

Gosia Maj said...

5-km run: 33min 19sec
I'm afraid that's it for now. My wall sit and sit-ups simply don't qualify for blog props quite yet, but I'm working at it.
Many thanks for the motivation. It feels sooooo good.

Brittany said...

3:36 wall sit.

Gosia Maj said...

1-mile run: 10:28

Dahling said...

Wall sit 4 minutes 30 bored more than tired !

Lynn said...

Who takes the weekend off?? Sadly, we did. But we are back and ready for The Wall (we do need some exercise education!)

Lynn C - I did the wall sit again today and whoa and behold I did a whopping (for me) 1:05! I get Lynn props... :o) Also did the 15 bench dips without stopping.

Michael C - We see your 20 Bench Dips Benjamin and raise you 25!

Brittany said...

26 push ups for me
1 minute 36 on the plank hold
and it was my friend Catherine Kebker that did the 3 minute 36 second wall sit. Her log in must not have worked.

Gosia Maj said...

Hi Kirsty, please add:
plank hold 0:58
and my 1-mile run from the 3rd of Jan (you've probably missed it) 10:28

Dahling said...

OK I give up - WHERE is the wall ??? Have scrolled to the bottom of the home page repeatedly...but do not see it ??

BTW Did a 1 mile run / walk in 12 mins 10 secs today which may sound slow to some but was blooming fab considering I have not run a step since September.

Gosia Maj said...

I can't believe it, I am improving every day:
plank hold 1:07
sit ups 40 in 2:55
Relieved to know that the wall will be up again soon.
Stay active.

Brittany said...

Plank Hold 1 minute 52 seconds
Sit ups 70 in 5 minutes

Gosia Maj said...

plank hold 1:14 - improved