Follower Appreciation Giveaway Winner!!

We reached 300 followers today! (I can't tell who the 300th follower was. Post below if it was you so I can give you a proper shout out.)

And here's a shout out to each one of you who make up the three oh oh. Wow! Thank you so much! Here are some flowers for you all. It's the least I could do, because nice are you all to read my drivel on at least a semi- regular basis? Really! SO.VERY.LOVELY! I am touched.

OK! So! PEOPLE! PLEASE! NOBODY DROP OUT NOW BECAUSE IT WOULD BE SO EMBARRASSING. (As Finny would say). If you simply must drop out, it would be awesome if you'd be cool and just wait til there are a couple more people so as not to make it painfully obvious and awkward for us all. Because there is nothing worse then awkwardness- wouldn't you agree? Ok so there are far worse things. But still. Awkwardness is...awkward.

Soooo without further ado...... randomly chosen by my daughter Caroline (who will be turning 8 on Friday) the number is...oddly enough...number FIVE.

Which means...

Congratulations to DAISYSWIMS07. You are very, very cute but sadly I cannot find any further information about you from your profile. Sooo....if you would like your $10 itunes gift card and a little treat to go along with it, please email me your mailing details. Thank you so very much for following, Daisy! And to the 299 of you who do too...kiss, kiss, kiss.

Stay tuned for the next Follower Appreciation Giveaway coming up soon!

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Working Mommy said...

YAY for 300!!! Congrats!


Charlene said...

CONGRATS! It's funny - I'm at 299 Followers myself right now and I thought of posting something when I get to 300 (which coincidentally will be my 100th post) but I did worry about maybe losing one or two then and what THAT would look like! Maybe I'll wait until I'm at 302 or something to be safe!!

Tooj said...

I can't fathom getting to 100....let alone three. :) Don't you wish that all 300 would comment each time? Or at least be ON TIME with their comments. *ahem*

Yes I'm slow. But I still make it around!!

Congrats to the winner, and happy blogging to you.