News from the wall..

THE WALL has been updated (as of last night). By my husband! From afar! What a guy!

We have a new update already this morning. I love it. Your progress is astonishing. If you don't see something that should be on there let me know.

My husband has informed me that in the interests of space, we will soon have to limit each event to the first 10 on the board. I'm not sure. I'd like to be equal opportunity. We shall see. But that should be incentive to step it up a freaking notch or two. No?

Next Wednesday (20 Jan) I'll have a drawing from all the names on the board (if you are up there more then once, your chances improve.) for the Pom Wonderful care package.

Also I am changing rules all over the place, willy nilly, just like that.

From now there will not be "within 2 or 5 or whatever minutes" for those categories that this affects. It will all be how many you can do consecutively . Without stopping in other words.

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