WFMW: No Nasty Chemicals-GIVEAWAY!

I have laundry envy. I'm not proud of it. But I have reached a place in my personal journey where I am able to admit on this day on this blog, that I get jealous of my friends who manage to get their kids' socks actually looking clean after they are cleaned. Imagine. I actually cannot believe I am the woman who compares the state of her whites to those of her friends' whites. If my 15 year old self could see me now....Oy vey.


Recently, Maggie from EcoStore USA (a company founded in New Zealand), asked me if I'd like to try some of their products.

They have launched a product line called No Nasty Chemicals which is (happy day!) available at Meijer grocery stores.(And shockingly enough there is a Meijer in my town.) I am constantly re-committing to the ideal of eliminating nasty chemicals in our house. It's tough man. Because let's face it, the chemicals do work pretty well and they're cheap and readily available.

The Ecostore box arrived yesterday. (On a public holiday. Not sure how they managed that. Don't ask, don't tell.) So I broke them out for some epic quality control testing. In other words I decided to use them on the mountain of laundry I had intentionally accumulated for just this purpose. (And not because I have been too busy reading The Help to do laundry.)

I tried the laundry powder

and the pure oxygen whitener

I intended to try them for a while before I wrote my review but I am seriously so impressed that I just could not wait. Truly. (Again with the inappropriate enthusiasm over laundry. I am so depressed.)

I chucked them both into my load of dingy whites, let them soak for a while and waited for the results. And the results- they were great. My whites looked so white! (Do I sound like a 1950's commercial yet?)

Anyway, even my husband readily agreed that there was a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the skivvies and the socks. A man noticed something about laundry. A man who still cannot fathom why one would want to separate the red socks from the white towels. Say no more.

Ok so here we have my thoughts: good for the environment, good for the body, and surprisingly good for the budget because a little goes a long way. And may I just say..the packaging. The packaging makes my heart sing. Loooooove it! (Channeling Weezie)

The No Nasty Chemicals line includes stuff for your house, for you and for your sweet baby. So check it all out.

(They are having a huge baby sale-50% for the month of January!) Shipping over $25 is always free.

So. How would you like a $25 gift certificate to help you buy all the stuff you will want once you have checked it out? Yes? I thought so. Well the EcoStore can help you out with that.

For a chance to win it. Just:
Sign up for their newsletter at their blog here.
For an additional entry become a fan on facebook:
For a third entry follow on twitter: Twitter@ecostoreusa

Post below this post about what you have done to earn entries (separate comments for each additional entry please!) and we will choose a winner next Wednesday.

For stuff that works for other people, check out Works For Me Wednesday at We are that Family.

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Jenny said...

Sounds great! I signed up for their newsletter.

Jenny said...

Became a Facebook fan for entry #2.

Kristin said...

Sounds great - I still struggle with getting those whites - white! We don't have Meijer, so I'll have to look around - hope I can find it.


Kirsty said...

@Kristin: You can order directly through the Ecostore website :)

Jenny said...

Great giveaway. Not to interested in having this though xD You can list your giveaway at my site though if you want.

Brandi said...

I did a giveaway for them not too long ago. Loved the laundry liquid and dish soap!

I would love to try the whitener,though, too!

anotherlisa said...

thanks for letting us know about this company. will have to search for them here in houston.
thanks for the giveaway too!

Rebecca D said...

I signed up for their newsleter...

Lynn said...

I signed up for the newsletter...


Lynn said...

And I follow them on Twitter as well.


Janet said...

I subscribe to their newsletter.

Janet said...

I'm a facebook fan.

Janet said...

I follow on twitter.