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I shall now regale you with my culinary adventures since Tuesday. I bet you have been waiting with bated breath and poised cutlery.... so without further ado...

On Wednesday night we had Cheesy Hash Brown Chili

(photo courtesy Rachel Ray site)

It was great or yum-o as RR herself would say, although I was worried it would be a bit bland so I added Tastefully Simple Seasoned salt quite liberally. I'd use Italian style tomatoes next time, because why not. I served it with southwestern style steamed veges.

At this juncture I would love to tearfully render my sincere thanks for, and praises of the veges that you steam in a bag. This is a convenience food that is worth every penny (and really, our Kroger brand is extremely affordable). They are absolutely delicious, fresh and seasoned, and I used three different varieties for 3 different meals this week. I make no apologies.

Amy diligently gave me a recipe for Thursday but upon reflection, I realized that I needed to use the crockpot again that day, and if I'd proceeded with the plan, we'd not be able to use the crockpot and we'd be having potatoes three nights in a row. Aaron is from Idaho, but enough is enough. So I went online and punched in "easy crockpot chicken". As one does.

I found this super easy recipe which I recognized from when my friend Joan made it for a function. In fact I am sure I have made it at some point ( because I tend to gravitate toward things labeled "easy crockpot chicken" )

It is delicious and I'm sure many of you will recognize it as it appears to be somewhat of a classic. I served it with asian style steamed rice and veges. (Again from a beautiful bag via the microwave-mmmmwah!). This was a big hit with the kids.

Slow Cooker Russian Chicken

(photo courtesy the nice lady online who shared the recipe)

On Friday we went out for dinner. What? Are you judging me? It was date night!

Saturday we had quesadillas, just some chicken, a bag or two of steamed mexican style veges and some tortillas. This used up the leftover sour cream and cheese we had from earlier in the week. And truth be told, it was made by Aaron. Thanks Aaron! They were delicious. I did do the shopping.......(do I sound defensive?)

Today we are making Pot Roast ala The Pioneer Woman. Since it is very hard to mess up a pot-roast and it is her recipe I am sure my pot roast will be as delicious (if not as entertaining) as that of the P-dub. We will be using grape juice in lieu of wine rather then beef stock as she suggests, because where is the fun in that? I actually don't have moral issues cooking with wine even though I am a good little Mormon but I really, really don't like the taste. True story.

And that concludes this week of cooking with Amy (and random internet people). I will continue to report as the recipes roll out. I must say that it has been a real pleasure and I am wondering what the big deal has been this whole time. I am hoping with a few more weeks it will become second nature. Having a plan and being accountable is apparently the only way I can function in any capacity. Pathetic really, but hey, whatever works.

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Delicious and funny! Good stuff!!!

2busy said...

The foods look absolutely delicious.

Jen said...

Ok that chili looks fantastic! And your easy crock pot chicken too - and no judging here, glad you got the night off from cooking!

Koala Green said...

So what time is dinner? I will be right over!!

Lisa said...

I don't care for wine in my food either...the smell while its cooking nearly gags me (my hubby buys the really good stuff to cook with too). Love PW though lol!

I printed off the Russian Chicken recipe. It looks delicious!!

{ L } said...

Mmmm, you're making some GOOD food! I would have loved to have all my meals at your house last week, lol. That first recipe sounds especially yummy.