Friday Follower Giveaway Winner is.....

Randomly chosen: my good friend Jen Lynn, who I used to go to book group with before she moved away and broke my heart. So that is pretty appropriately cool. In fact, as Jen Lynn would say it is...."awesome". Jen never said anything at book club by the way. She just smiled and laughed. I was fairly certain she thought I was insane. A fair assumption on her part.

Gosh I miss her.

Congrats Jenn. Send me your mailing address already. (Now I can stalk you).

Next Follower Appreciation giveaway: Friday 3/5 whohooooo! Stay tuned.

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Jen Lynn said...

AWE.SOME!!! is right.

Are you sure you didn't trip that just because you love me so much?

That just made my night! I've been sitting here on goodreads trying to find a book to read and everything that looks good is not available at my library. Grrr.