Goodbye February.....

For a short month this one seemed to last forever. Wow.

I'm excited for tomorrow because it's March. And March means Spring. Technically. And really, I take whatever I can get even though I will keep my snow boots out until June. There is comfort and hope in technicalities.

I go into March somewhat more motivated then I went into February. I exercised 6 times this week, it just about killed me but I am trying to make it into the Consistency Club for a group I have joined. It means I have to exercise at least 30 minutes per day for 6 days each week. For 30 days. 5 down (I joined on Tuesday but I did exercise Monday)...25 to go.

And remember the 28 Day Organizational Challenge? Ah yes. That. Actually it spurred me on to get quite a lot accomplished. Culminating today in my scary office space. And when I say scary I mean, terrifying. Cataclysmic of Biblical proportions. I found a piece of paper from 2008 in there today. I'm not saying that I have not cleaned it since 2008. For real. But it does lead one to wonder how that happened. Anyway, moving on... It's pretty awesome now.

I actually cleaned several other areas and then realized that I had failed to take before photos of said areas. Shoot, but oh well. I did manage to capture the horror of my office in living techni-colour though. But let's not look at that right now. I do not have the strength. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead, how about we look at a dog in a hat. Or several hats. Styled by the divine Miss Gracie. Clearly the dog is thrilled by her foray into fashion fabulousness.

Tribute to the Winter Olympics (albeit the 2002 Winter Olympics)

PS: the potroast was to die for. It was. And actually, it pains me to say it, yet I looked better then that Pioneer Woman's did. And we had roast potatoes which are so much better then mashed. I'm sorry PW. I know I probably just ruined your life.

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Dahling said...

Do you remember us putting hats on Gracie and "behaviour training" her to leave them on...."No" with stern, disapproving faces as her hand slowly ventured towards her head, and "Good Gracie" with beaming smiles as she slowly put her hand down ? Is she trying it with Shemly ?

Jen Lynn said...

Hey, i think I just wrote that same thing on my blog. Boo February.

TheOneTrueSue said...

A dog in a hat. A DOG IN A HAT.

February sucks.

Anonymous said...

Dahling succeeded with the training. Gracie is seriously a hat girl! I had forgotten that she was not born that way, but had to learn the appreciation. I loved Shemly's expression. The "I am glad to be in this good home, but really, do I HAVE to put up with this? Am I prostituting myself?? look. She is one classic, classy dog!