Goose-bump provoking

Such a beautiful PSA don't you think? And possibly an even more powerful one then the gruesome and grisly ones.

But the metaphor can be extended to many different areas of life I think.
I love the idea of the family providing safety. It becomes more evident to me all the time how necessary the strength of a family is for providing safety or at least a powerful buffer against the pitfalls and perils of life. There is nothing that can come even close to replacing it.

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Koala Green said...

Thanks for the good cry! Wow that was powerful! If I had to give one of the lessons on Family during Ward Conference I would so use that!

Koala Green said...

Thought you might like this take on it

Lynn said...

Wow...that was super powerful. I was in way too many accidents when i was younger to ever not wear a seat belt.

My best, Lynn

julia said...

This sent chills through my body. I had a student a few years back who was killed because he didn't have his seat belt on and was thrown from the truck he was riding in. I love the protection of the family. I sent a link to your blog to my three daughters who have young children.

2busy said...

I love that! Wow!

Anonymous said...

I love your Family Love seat-belt analogy. Just great!
Love you more than Star Jasmine.