Scenes from a Slumber Party

I have found the motivation at last to do some catching up which brings us first to the riveting pictorial tale of Gracie's inaugural slumber party.

This was her cake. I loved it. So easy, so cute. I found a picture of it online and copied it shamelessly. We used twinkies under the "blanket", marshmallows for the pillows and vanilla cookies (biscuits in S. African) for the faces. The pretty lips are M&M's cut in half.

The frou-frou scene was set. I include this photo so that you can see the tissue paper flower pom pom thingies. These have become an inside joke. Within one week I used them for: New Beginnings Evening, Gracie's baptism gathering, youth dance (the theme for this dance was in fact chosen around the intention of using the flower pom poms), then went on to use them for Gracie's party. (And later to decorate for Valentines day). Both I and the pom poms were slightly frayed by the end of it all but still in good working order. I can't quite bring myself to toss them.

I include this shot to show that I, in my infinite diligence, provided healthy alternatives. In the form of grapes and....well pretty much just the grapes. Unless pretzels count. Because I totally provided pretzels too.

But this is what I recommend. Provide a well stocked sweetie tray. Suckers are particularly awesome. They occupy mouths for longer and slightly dull the high pitched roar. Downside: sugar fueled unabated screaming frenzy once the suckers have been consumed.

As the little guest were trickling in they were provided with a page and supplies to make their own scrapbook page. I later took a photo of each of them so that Gracie would have a ready made scrapbook after her party. They all seemed to enjoy it It was a nice way to ease everyone over the "not everyone is here yet" awkwardness.

They were then served the nutritious" pizza and pop" meal.( I must add that pop is actually called "cool drink" in South African and it pains me to refer to it as pop, although the alliteration with pizza is of some small comfort.)

For dessert? The ever beloved Chocolate Game. Since many of you asked last time I alluded to it, I will describe that game in painstaking detail now.
1.) Get a big bar of chocolate, leave it in its wrappers
2.)A butter knife and a fork
3.) A plate
4.) A die or dice whatever you prefer (you could make the chosen number coincide with the age of the birthday boy/girl)
5.) Dress up paraphenalia.

Have everyone in the gathering assemble in a circle (make it as wide as possible as it tends to get smaller and smaller).
Pass the dice around the group. The first person who throws a 6 quickly puts on the dress up clothing and then proceeds to attempt to cut a piece of chocolate for herself before the next 6 is thrown (the dice has continued to go around the circle during her frenzied attempts). The first person also gets to open the chocolate using only the knife and fork before she can cut the first piece. She must finish the piece of chocolate in her mouth before she can eat another one. Once the next person throws a 6 she must relinquish both utensils and dress up clothes so that they can have their shot at the choc.

Then we began what, I am certain will become a new favourite: Blindfolded Makeovers. In this extreme makeover the makeup artist rather then the makeover recipient is blindfolded. With hilarious results. They loooooooved this one. Wanted to keep playing forever. Everyone got a turn to be both the makeup artist and the recipient. Have baby wipes on hand.

And then the opening of the gifts and friendly photo shoot (for the scrapbook, the thank you notes, and also to remind her who gave what.) And because they are so cute. Are they not?

Plenty of energy remained for various games such as musical statues, musical pillows and other musical and manic dancing inclined games.

After a long period of shrieking while changing into pajamas it was time to crash for movie time. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was critically acclaimed by this group. Milk and cookies followed (because I was concerned that they had not yet ingested enough sugar). And as midnight approached and then passed, many entreaties to please go to sleep. I think they held out til about 1am... could have been worse.

Only to pop right back up at 7am! Pancake breakfast-note the elegant presentation of condiments-by this time I was beyond caring about pretty.

And because everyone was too full the night before...the cake. I love how they are all covering their mouths to ward off the temptation to blow the candles prematurely.

Aww...I still can't believe my baby girl is eight.

It was actually a surprisingly fun and stress free (if not quiet and restful) experience for me and Aaron. No girly drama at all. I know Gracie loved it. She is already talking about next year. I am making vague non-committal sounds.

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Aunt LoLo said...

I love it!!!

I have to admit - at the beginning of the post, I thought to myself, "Wow! This woman sure knows how to throw a sleep over!"

Then I realized it was a birthday party. But wouldn't it be awesome to have pom poms and lollypops just because it was Friday night?! hahahaha

Gorgeous, mama, as always. *grin*

2busy said...

The decorations look spectacular. You really have a talent there...The girls look like they had lots of fun. I'm not a fan of sleepovers, but mostly because I'm cranky the next day.

Missy said...

How cute and fun! I am in love with that cake!

Rachel said...

I am totally coping your cake! Lilith is having a sleep over for her birthday on Friday, which I am totally unprepared for! (I have not even called to invite all of the girls yet) Her birthday kind of snuck up on me this year! Great ideas now, thanks for posting this!

Janet said...

What a super party! I absolutely love the cake and all the pretty pinkness.

Jill said...

I am so proud of you! You did great... You have to show me how you made the pom-pom flowers. I wish I could tell you how many slumber parties I have gone all out for... as they get older you get less...inspired. I'm sorry that I missed it.

Amy said...

Such a great party!! Makes me wish I had little girls still.
Maybe in a few years I can use these ideas for the foster kids.

I smiled about the cool drink reference. Here it is softies or cold drinks. I always call it soda but don't know which part of America that means I belong to. Perils of being a world traveling third-culture kid!

Mikki said...

Oh my! How much fun does that all look!! Great job!!! I love the cake and all the decorations!! You go MOM!!