Welcome February!

I am so excited you are here! Not because this is the month of my birth, nor because it is Valentines Day this month, as pleasant as both these occasions may be. I am most delighted because having January behind us means that one hideous month of Winter is officially over! Only 5 more to go!

Come! Come on in!

I feel celebratory. Let's decorate.

Look at what you can create during a rerun of The Office with a wire coat-hanger and some scraps of fabric!

How about with cup-cake liners, doilies and ribbon? This was part of our Family Home Evening Lesson last week.

I gave the kids these basic supplies and they came up with some really clever ideas. I like that this is a cheap, open ended project and it got the kids' creative juices flowing, but truth be told, it pleases most because it shows off cute cup-cake liners which are always so disappointing to look at once they have been baked. No?

I will warn you that it is really quite addictive once you get started.

We have our creations hanging on the wire Baobab tree sent by my sweet brother and sister in law all the way from South Africa for Christmas (complete with beautiful little beaded African ornaments). We have decided it will be our Occasion Tree from henceforth.

Lots of lovely stuff coming up for this, the month of love. I am sure I will be back later to gush and resolve and such... Coach Nathan is due to drop in too..stay tuned.

Check out this weeks Work for Me Wednesday over at We are that family for more tips.

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2busy said...

I'm not one who usually decorates for Valentines Day, but I love these ideas...

Charlene said...

Ooh I LOVE that heart/fabric wreath. I'm SO going to try it when I find the supplies (don't have a wire hanger or fabric laying around, but now I really wish I did). Thanks for the idea!!

Tooj said...

Okay...I'm loving the heart wreath and I do believe I am going to make one this weekend. Coat hanger and some fabric? I will search for fabric I can tear up or have around. Okay, I don't have any fabric around because I do nothing with fabric except wear it in the form of shirts and whatnot. BUT...I might have an old piece of shirt/whatnot that can be cut up. :) Seriously. Too adorable. I'm making one.

Janet said...


I'm about halfway finished with my Valentine decor. If I ever finish it I may post pictures. We'll see.

katie said...

I love your wreath!! I made a version of this check it out if you want. Yours is much cuter though!!

Amanda said...

How fun! I keep meaning to decorate with the kids. Tomorrow!