Ode to Shona: On the Occasion of her 40th Birthday

Sister Sister Sister Mine
Flattery is not my line
But what with one thing and another
I'm sure glad you weren't a brother
Cos as a Sister-sister you're

Plagiarism aside

Happy Birthday Sho!
It's the Big 4-0!
But age is really just a number

When one is as dewy fresh as you
Truly not looking a day past twenty-two
One wonders
What deals must have been made
Between the Devil
et tu

You are so pretty, youthful and kind
I soon plan to get a face lift in order to look like you
I hope you don't mind

If it is true that life begins at 40
Then it means for the next 10 years or so
You get to be irresponsible
And somewhat naughty

So that's nice

As an aunt you're top notch
I believe you'd even clean up my kids' kotch
If prevailed upon to do so
(Sorry but nothing rhymes with notch and I try to work in the word kotch wherever I can)
My kids wish you lived closer
As do I
So let's work on that this year
And make it happen
Before we all die

I believe one is not supposed to use
references to death
in birthday poems
It generally does not amuse

But since we're on the topic
I hope you did something death defying
to celebrate
I want to hear all about it, what you did, got and
of course
What you ate

Even though we have established
That you and I
Were Born to Suffer
The endless humour between us
Acts as a buffer
(Between us and the suffering)
You make me laugh even when you are in a mood
And manage to laugh at me even if you think I'm being rude

Thank you for all the good that you do
Your devotion, diligence and dedication too
I know that if you had your way
The guy at yahoo would be receiving equal pay
To the guys
At google
(nothing rhymes with google)

All the fake Big Lots caged birds would be set free
And you'd go on a daily shopping spree
From the pavement vendors in each major South African city
And no creature would ever suffer
Nay not even a flea

I know you will do 40 with style and panache
And I hope that I'll get to come when you
Have your big bash

I hope that the year is happy, healthy and sunny
That you have plenty of fun, friends and money
That all your fondest wishes come true
And that I'll get to spend your next birthday with you


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Anonymous said...

Shona, I am hoping you will read the comments. You look great! Kirsty, your ode is a fitting tribute to your big sister who prayed you into existence for 6 years!

Dahling said...

Thank you Sweaty you are most kind. However I feel that this ode makes me sound far better than I actually am !