(Potentially humiliating) ODE: To my husband on the occasion of his 37th birthday (plus 1 day)

Aaron aka Pooh
I love you
Yes I do
This is true

I love your sweet smiling face
I love my special place
In the crook of your arm
Where you keep me safe and warm

I love that you make me laugh every day
You are incredibly hilarious in your quiet understated way

Babbie, you're the best dad
to our little lass and lads
And to our bunny and puppy too
A most excellent keeper you are
In our crazy zoo

You're a genius though not many would know
Not because you act like a moron, oh no.
It's just that you are so modest and unassuming
That nobody would know that your brain is somewhat

Just like nobody knows you discovered a new metal
For which I personally think you deserve a medal
And that thing you're doing about saving the planet
That's pretty sweet even though I don't quite understand it

A less selfish soul I will never meet
Nor one so kind or so sweet
You have a great work ethic, great integrity
You are tireless in creating the best life you can for our family

You frequently make dinner, do the dishes too
You'd even do the laundry if I would let you
You mow the lawn and fix the car
Husbands across the land complain that you have raised the bar

You bring me flowers
And thoughtful gifts
Listen to me complain
And have my little fits

You indulge my cravings for hot fudge sundaes
Going out to get them even when it's late on a Monday

And when you're so tired and we're allergic to the kids
at the end of the day
You make sure that our family gets together to pray

Your faith is rock solid, I have never seen it waver
Your focus on what is important is as sharp as a laser
Even when things super suck you see the bright side
And remain serene while I turn into Frankenstein's Bride

Happy birthday to you my yummy bunny hunch
Even in your advanced age you're a handsome devil
And we are one lucky, blessed bunch

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Babbie said...

Thank you, Babe! My eyes got a little blurry for some reason. You are incredible and not just with your birthday poetry. I love you! Thank you for being such a wonderful wife and mother to our fantastic kiddies.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Love it.

Happy birthday Aaron! :)

MrsM said...

Awww-Happy Birthday to your Hubby =)

Krista said...

So sweet! Happy Belated Birthday to the Hubs!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing odious about your odes. You are just great! Hope Babbie had a wonderful birthday.