Quarter Century Ode to Luke


A tradition continues
One inspired by you


Luke, luke, luke
You are 25 now.

That was not a hypothetical, please explain
Because it gives me some pain
To realize that my baby bro
is practically geriatric now-yo

This is an ode
Which means I must be nice
complimentary and even somewhat wise
Since I have already walked this-the road
of the aged
(road rhymes there with ode
In case
You missed it)

Luke you may be old but you're still cool
'Aint no fool
Don't take no bull
From nobody
Not sure why I'm getting on my ghetto
but you bring it out in me... bro

Luke you are a curious blend
Of one who is hip and cool
Yet still likes to spend
Inordinate amounts of time and cash
On computery stuff like a flash (drive)

You talk smack
About anything that's not a Mac
Which makes you kind of a techno-snob
with the likes of me and my no-name PC
you'd probably not
hob nob
(Were we not related)

But yet
Less nerdy
You could not be
Upon the sea
Or whatever
that dangerous sea sport
is in which you are currently engaging
(apparently quite forgetting
That you are aging.)

Luke I remember when I turned twenty five
I probably cried
I'm not sure
I generally do
Since unlike you
I'm not mellow and chill
and I find
the advancing years
A bitter pill

But you know
I can honestly say
life gets better
With the passing of days
So there's your little ray
of sunshine

Also you are a guy
So stuff like the fine lines
Around the eyes
Only serve to make you distinguished
rather then extinguished
(in sexiness)
So really
No worries
About how old you are now
Because it really is quite old

cape town
Luke did you know
That you now live
In my fav town
The one and only
The mighty
The Town being of the Cape variety
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy
And should you feel the need to fly me out there
Really- please, don't be shy
But honestly
Even if you did not live
in such a kick-A spot
I'd come and visit you
Just because you rock
(Assuming I had a more money
And I could bring my honey)

Luke should the whole computer genius thing
Not pan out
I think as a comedian
You'd have some serious clout
That thing you said about facebook during our last chat
Still makes me snort out loud at inopportune times
What do you think about that?

Hey! do you remember how you used to love hats?
(I thought I'd bring up some memories from your childhood
In case you no longer could)
You've been keepin' it real with me
Since you were three
(Hey, do you remember your "tweezers"?
probably not since you are now such a geezer)

So hey it's almost midnight
Time to wrap this thing up
Make it tight
(like unto a dish)

In Summary:
You Luke
Are 25
Yet not
I may have neglected to mention
That you are also hot
We have established that you live in my favourite
You are awesome in every way
Indeed I hang on to every word you say
You make me laugh
You bring me joy
You are one heck of an an old boy

Since you are a quarter now
I'll leave you with a toast
And try hard not to turn it into a roast:

May your life be free of strain and strife
May you soon find a wonderful wife
May your kids all be as cute as mine
May the sun in Capies always shine
May you stay as cool as you are now
And with that I take my bow
xoxoxo Happy birthday Duck I love you lots!

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{april kennedy} said...

Loved it! So that is what I should call our funny prayers...ODE's! While you were rhyming your ODE we were rhyming our prayer tonight.

Anonymous said...

You just get better and better! Please retain some of the muse for the 4th May. I will be needing upliftment! A constant source of amusement and entertainment = my brilliant kids. You all make life happy!