Stuff to smile about on Saturday

1.I cannot stop looking at photos of this wedding from red ribbon studio (via Kara’s Party Ideas). Check out Kara’s blog,  she posted more photos there,  and they are pure eye candy (not to be punny about it).

candyshoppe wedding


2. I WON SOMETHING.  From the lovely and talented Mama Thompson. Go see! (It was so hard to choose.)

3. I’m going to participate in this. Given my deep and abiding passion for Spring (which seems to have forsaken us after 11 wonderful days) I thought it would be fun.  Are you joining in? (Click on the button for more info)


4. I cleaned out my infamous coat closet. Do you want before/after photos? I can arrange that….

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Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh...those wedding photos are DARLING! I love love love the red heels that match the red bouquet. That is one savvy bride.

cassie said...

i loooove those photos! the one with the shoes has to be my fave. too cute!

and yes, before/after pictures of your closet is a must. post them! :)

2busy said...

Those pictures are so great! I love those colors.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Looks like fun. Great idea for photos.


{ L } said...

That photo collection is TOO CUTE! And I haven't seen rock candy in such a long time.

Thank you for your support of me and my blog even though I haven't been out on the blogs lately! I truly appreciate it. <3