Today is the day of reckoning!

For lo! 'Tis the deadline for the Momedy Throwdown! You have until midnight to challenge any category for the win. Post your achievements here

I still have to decide on the prizes. As warned, since we lacked in sponsors, they will be small. Think energy bars.We have one super awesome gift that Brittany donated to the cause. It's a very groovy reusable shopping tote that she made.

How cool is she?
Even though we don't have multiple groovy bags and such to give away, I still think you should give it all you've got.

Because there's the glory. The GLORY I say. And really. Is there anything else in life?

As for me? Since I can't participate on my own throwdown (but trust me I would have absolutely ROCKED IT....yeah I would...) I signed up here and took on another challenge this month.

That of exercising 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days. (Sundays off).

Oh this may sound easy to you-it did to me-no big deal, I'm an exerciser, I exercise regularly- but you know what? It is not. Easy that is. Every.Single.Day.

Particularly when the weather is crap (there was lots of running in the snow at 10:30pm), or you feel like crap, be it in the body or in the head (mostly it was in the head for me)... or you are doing the type of workouts I was doing. They were hard-core man. I got to doing things like box jumps and squat thrusts and more push-ups then should probably be legal, then there was the jump rope and the sprints and the more sprints and the weights, the crunches.... and the running, always with the running...and...and...


Anyway, truth be told it was pretty much the longest month of my life but I am really glad I did it. I feel sure I have increased in strength considerably. There is no way I would have pushed this hard left to my own devices, and for that I have Dixie (the masochist responsible for Race Day Training). I thank her, despite the fact that during most of the workouts I had pretty uncharitable thoughts about her. I'm not going to lie. It's nothing personal.

Turns out I'm kind of addicted to these challenging daily workouts so I will be continuing with the program, (although I plan to take this Saturday off and LOVE IT).

Tomorrow the Momedy Throw-Down ends. It's a new month. A Springy new month. Swimsuit season looms...
What are you going to do in April? There is another challenge I am considering. Not quite there yet...

More importantly what are you going to do TODAY? For today is what we have before us. Are you going to crush someone on the wall? Or just get on the wall? For heavens sake man, time is of the essence- do something!

Run along now.

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