When in FACT it's a youthful freckle...

A couple of weeks ago I went to the dermatologist to have a little chunk cut out of my face. I've always had a birth mark in the shape of a U on my temple. It looks like a horse-shoe. I attribute any luck I have to it. Because that makes sense. Recently, my luck changed. It grew and morphed into a W for weird or perhaps an M for "melanoma?" I decided to be responsible and get it checked out.

The process was not a big deal-to be honest the worst part was by far the (more painful then Botox-or so I am told) shot for the anesthesia, and the embarrassing, yet obligatory, near fainting episode after that (I am a delicate flower you see). It was, considering the size of the biopsy (which was very small) unexpectedly painful for a few days but not a big deal.

To be honest, I was mildly concerned about it since it is an area which gets a lot of sun and it's change had been so sudden and noticeable, but I was fairly confident that it would turn out to be a strategically placed new freckle smack dab in the middle of my adorable birth mark. You will note I use the term "freckle".

Moving on.

Despite my confidence in a happy outcome, there is always a slight element of concern when one is waiting medical results having considerately been sent home for the wait with a list of oncologists (????) so I was much relieved and grateful when I got the call that the biopsy was all clear. My relief was somewhat marred, however by the term the receptionist used for the results. "The biopsy taken from the left temple (in case I'd forgotten) is benign and was diagnosed as....an age spot".


An AGE SPOT? Seriously. Did she have to be so vulgar? Do you know how many different names she could have substituted for "age spot" ? Let's go:

Sun spot
Sun Damage
UV exposure related pigmentation
or even the dreaded
Liver Spot

But she just had to go there, didn't she. Age Spot.

(I've always seen the young woman first in the image above, by the way. What do you see?)

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chacha said...

Thankfully it was benign! Eh, we all get old lady spots (I have wee spider veins starting on my legs).

I also see a young woman's profile in 19th century garb.

I can't really see anything else except maybe a bird but then the rest of the drawing doesn't make sense.

2busy said...

Benign is a relief even if they refer to it as the dreaded age spot...

I see both the young and old woman. But that is from years of seeing this image.

CJ Sime said...

Cow, indeed.

(Love this. I was totally expecting a lecture on skin safety and whatnot. Thank you for the good laugh.)

Jen Lynn said...

I was just thinking about that today. Good thing everything's all clear. Granny.

I see the young woman too.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Thnak goodness it was benign. I am sure you are "aged to perfection". Don't let that age spot word bother you. Just think of it as a mark that shows you lived your life.


KK said...

I see the young woman. But on to more important matters, that woman should be shot! It is most definitely not an age spot. You just ignore her!

Gail said...

Glad it's alright!

I had a similar thing early this year on the back of my head - and the Dr says it's and AGE SPOT.

I left feeling quite insulted.

Julia said...

Whew! No matter what's it's called, the most important term is "benign"! I see the young lady first, but that witch is always there.

Brittany said...

I always see the young lady first, and then have to work to see the old lady.

Janet said...

Ah, the dreaded age spot er, I mean freckle;). But so glad that it's benign.
When I was pg with Eden I developed seborrheic keratosis. As the dermatologist so kindly let me know, they are referred to as "barnacles of old age." I was 30. Thanks doc!

Amy said...

I saw the young lady first. I forgot that picture was a trick until you mentioned it.