Birthday poem for Thalia (aka Mayzie)

thalia birthday

(picture shamelessly stolen off your facebook page)

Mayzie Mayzie  give me your answer do

I’m going half crazy waiting to sing

Happy birthday to you

I try to call you on the phone

But I guess you’re never home

So I hope it was sweet

And you got lots of treats

And a cake made just for you.

Song plagiarism aside…

Mayzie Moopie

Constant Poopie
(That fun nickname must’ve made you loopy)

Remember Mrs. Gummidge?

Remember Granny Hound?


Remember that time you burned your bum on the humidifier and screamed

in that way babies do

when they don’t actually make a sound?

(That was awful)

Whoduthunk when you were three

That you’d end up so cheery?


Remember when I dropped you on the head

I thought that you were dead

I’m glad you were not

‘Cos I love you a lot

It’s fun being your sister

Even though you’re too busy

With your Mister

To answer the verdompt phone

But rest assured

I will hunt you down eventually

Wherever you may roam


Happy birthday dear heart

If you were here I’d take you on a $10 spree

At Wal*Mart

(or maybe even Big Lots. Cos I’m classy like that)


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Peg said...

a $10 spree at Walmart? What has happened to you Kirsty since I moved?!

Kirsty said...

LOL Peg I was being ironic ;)

{ L } said...

Ahhh, :) I wish I had talent like that to write. You're good! You made me laugh

Also, LOVE your new blog layout. I haven't been out blogging lately so this is my first time to see it. LOVE the colors!

Jessica said... it!! I can't get over the resembelance to Gracie!!!

Tooj said...

Your birthday poems are AWESOME. I mean that so sincerely. I hesitated for a moment, but I will nickname in high school was "Poopie". Short story that I won't be least not here.

I hope your sis had a wonderful day!

Thalia said...

Hahahaha THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! I love it!!! Didn't know you were trying to get hold of me. But inasmuch as it inspired this poem I am quite glad you didn't :) xxx!