Dr. Caroline’s Office

On Friday Gracie had an optometrist appointment. Much to her disappointment she does not need glasses. Better luck next time. About an hour after we returned home I was invited to her room. For a complimentary eye exam.

DSC_0495 DSC_0499

The Caroline Sayer Optomitrist is Open.


Look at the high tech equipment. She is such a hilariously creative child. I loved it.


Getting my exam. It was incredibly thorough. I think she simulated every single test she’d had. Even the eye pressure/glaucoma one-which she duplicated by blowing into my eye.

eye exam

LOVED this, seriously isn’t this creative?

red light

The dreaded letter chart. I did ok, I think. (She had the unreadable face of a Dr. so I could not tell for sure)

letter chart

“Ok which eye picture looks better focused?”


There was lots of taking of notes


And setting up of new tests


During which time I took the opportunity to capture vignettes of her little girl room. It is a cluttered, happy little place and I will miss it when the little girl stage is over….sob


I painted the little flower blocks scattered around the room when she was a baby-to match her Pottery Barn (via eBay) bedding. We were so poor that I could not afford to buy proper canvases so I wrapped them (very badly) around foam board that I found. Amazingly the have held up all these years. Aaron bought the fairy for her the day we came home from the hospital with her.


She and I made this from a Martha craft kit one wintry day. We screwed it up completely but hey…there’s glitter. Everything is going to be alright.DSC_0506 DSC_0509


My friend Amy made this for me when she was born..(which was yesterday). I love the hills, they remind me of the ones I walked when I was in early labour with her. It was such a beautiful day.


One of my favourite of her baby outfits.. I can still remember her fat little thighs and ankles. Oh she was cute. My sister Shona gave her the hat and the shoes (we used to have a delightful time dressing our little doll didn’t we Shona?) and the little linen dress was passed on by my dear friend Kathleen. All in all, this is sentimentality at it’s finest.


Wow that skylight needs cleaning…

The ubiquitous tissue paper pom-poms…

DSC_0534 DSC_0535

At the end of my test, I was given this for being such a good girl. (She made it too)


I love my eye dr. sooooo much!


I think that card was from when she turned two! I love this picture of Christ, the little girl reminds me of her.

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Mama Thompson said...

I can't decide if it is just adorably cute...or over the top creative...so fantastic:)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm totally lost in the cuteness of her room. Perfect little girl's room!
I love her imaginative play, too! How fun.

Janet said...

She has a promising career ahead of her. And her room is so lovely and perfect for a little girl.

BluePixo Entertainment said...

She is very creative!

Visiting from "All About Toys"

Margaret said...

You have a really creative child that is for sure. I wish I was creative like that.

Julia said...

Love her girly room! She is very creative! You may just have a doctor on your hands.

Peg said...

those ubiquitous tissue paper pom-poms make wonderful wedding open house decorations, too! Thank you!

Gracie is as cute as they come!

Steph said...

How cute is she?! When can I book an appt? :) Love her room!

Maggie said...

SOO cute!! and such attention to detail!! Three of my four girls went to the dentist yesterday and played dentist all afternoon! I love imagination!

Anonymous said...

The child is brilliant! Sorry, should not brag, but bias aside, she is! Watch the spot in 15 years time and see what she is doing!
BTW, the profile picture looks just like you at that age. Always wondered who she looked like, and now I know!! She is something else. Give her a hug and kiss from me.

MrsM said...

How wonderful! I hate how fast they grow up, but it's so lovely to see them get older...