Easter Recap

Easter was very lovely this year because it fell on General Conference weekend. This meant that we got to experience a spiritual spa and that we got to sleep in.

It also meant that I had longer to get my family looking all Stepford-y (the results of that effort are off to the side over there-note the bunny-eared bedecked dog. She was thrilled) and we got to have a leisurely Easter brunch which I can’t recall happening before.

You will be happy to know that I managed to keep my shrieking about the nutella getting on the clothes to a minimum and busied myself instead with obsessively tracking the location of all elbows and orange juice glasses.

Here’s my family, genuinely delighted to be posing for a photo rather then eating. (Gracie tends to have a harder time hiding her emotions and could not summon the frozen smile of the others).


Oh and did I mention the weather? The weather was embarrassingly perfect. It was kind of corny and cheesy in it’s perfection. Really…could not have been better. Which is not always the case, actually it is rarely the case. And so, we rejoiced.  And then we went on a savage hunt.

Here’s a poor defenseless bunny awaiting his fate. (It was swift and sure. The ears went first)




I love watching my kids’ altruism each year as they help each other find eggs. That’s true love man.



The pained: “Do we seriously have to pose for yet another photo when there is major sugar consumption on the docket?”  smiles.DSC_0662

Let the feeding frenzy commenceDSC_0664 

Then we got together with the Richardsons. This photo, according to Nathan is a tragic commentary on the spayed/neutered/whipped state of he, Aaron and any other males who were forced into this humiliating display of wardrobe coordination)  He told his kids as they emerged freshly dressed in their finery on Easter morning  to “thank mommy for pimping their Easter”. He’s so weird. I did tell him to shut up.


Although putting us all together like this…well yes, it’s somewhat over the top and ridiculous. I concede. But we (as in Amy and I) will relish in doing it for as long as the children will tolerate it. I fear those days are numbered.

The could of have been awesome family photo that mommy and daddy ruined:



We had a lovely dinner (my apologies to those guests who were cut out of this photo-I had my creepy paparazzi zoom lens and would have had to stand in the backyard to get everyone in)


Shemly daintily partook


More of the hunt with friends:

The traditional bum in the air shot. She will love me for this one.



My lovely and intelligent children.


DSC_0787The handsome boy who has suddenly become a young man..sniff.

And finally, I leave you with my culinary triumph. I set out to make this (via: Your Homebased Mom)  Isn’t it glorious?                             


And after only 2 hours of slaving over a hot stove (while listening intently to conference of course)  I created this masterpiece. I added the peeps to make it extra classy . I actually got the idea for the peeps after reading this hilarious account of a misguided attempt at domesticity. I’m not going to lie, it still tasted freaking amazing. (And lemon truffle peeps are something of a revelation)culinary masterpiece

(If you try to make it I recommend not trying to rush the whole chilling/setting up process…unless you want your cake to be more trifle like and less..picturesque.)

If you (mom….?) just can’t get enough of matchy-matching yellow/blue and purple you can see many many more pictures of children with frozen smiles and murder in their eyes (and the odd genuinely happy shot) here and here.

How was your Easter, dahlings?

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2busy said...

And I never thought to consider conference a Spiritual Spa...I really like that. My favorite weekends of the year.

2busy said...

Your family looks amazing. I LOVE how everyone matches. My boys wouldn't put up with it. They were four and protesting dressing alike. Too opinionated, don't you think?

I really like the color in your dining room. I have some very similar color in my kitchen. Yellow rocks!

Redbonegirl97 said...

Ahhh, your family looks so nice in their light blue and yellow. I bought different shades of blue for my kids but we never made it out of the house for Easter. Those shirts are going back to the store to fund a pair of shoes I saw.


Aunt LoLo said...

Your easter sounds MAHvelous!

We had a quiet Easter, thanks for asking! Brunch with friends, and then we settled in for hours of conference!

And...I might be completely wrong, but I could SWEAR your friend (Mrs. R) commented on my blog this week! I think I recognize her son. Is she a blogger?

(Also, the two families in their own coordinating outfits? LOVE. Only the kids were coordinated this year...and it was a case of just barely scraping in under the deadline! I finished their Easter Finery (*snort*) the night before.)

Mama Thompson said...

Lovin all those pics and matching outfits...if only my lil d had a sibling that he could match...I hated matching my 2 older sisters throughout my childhood, but as a mom, I want to do it too:) Glad you had such a wonderful day!

Brittany said...

Those are the outfits I wanted to get our kids. They look super cute and I love all your family shots.
Bro R (or should I be calling him Nathan...though it's very confusing to me) looks like he was still deciding between ties in the first pic of all of you guys.
Very cute...but I think you should edit my kids in and then it'd be a fantastic shot.

Julia said...

i'd say that you had a gorgeous blue and yellow Easter. Even the forsythia cooperated for you!!!!

Dahling said...

Great pictures Sweaty !

I was actually wondering what colour Easter was going to be this year. The blue and yellow are very nice.

Is Nathan wearing two ties as a silent protest ?

You look very Alice in Wonderlandy.

Jessica said...

I seriously LOVE your family, Kirsty. Will you do me a favor and move to NH so we can be neighbors??