Free Life Coaching Event

I wanted to share a wonderful opportunity from my good friend, Heather Madder She is an author, talk radio host & life coach. I posted about her here a while ago.

She is offering a free coaching call especially for women on April 14th at 7pm MST (that's 9EST) where she is teaching women to 1. Be Confident in themselves 2. Overcome their blocks 3. Find their natural talents 4. Make money sharing them with others.
To find out more visit the site

Her hourly coaching rate is normally several hundred dollars an hour, but she is running this event free. (If you leave your email, she will send you 5 free audio Cd's, 4 training videos and information about the free coaching call--which is recorded and sent to you.)

I'm sharing this with you because she has helped me tremendously, I am sure she will help you too. I have been part of one of her coaching events before, be reassured that there is no sales pitch or pressure to buy anything at any time during, before or after. This is one of those too good to be true offers which actually is what it appears to be.

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Janet said...

Thanks for checking. I'll check her out.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Just checked out her link and book marked thanks for the information.

Looking forward to it, anything that helps us grow and learn.

Thank you!

Tooj said...

At this exact moment in time, I wish she could coach me on how to stop eating this popcorn. I am NOT hungry, just keeps going in.


Word of mouth is the best way to spread good news. Coming from you, she must be a first-rate recommendation. Thanks for the info!

Happy Tuesday.

YogaGal said...

I love free life coaching. Another great resource is Venus Cow.