Mental snap-shots

The other night, we went on a lovely walk in the warm Spring evening rain. Because of the rain, my trusty sidekick, Niky the Nikon had to stay home (she acted pretty irritated about it but I think she was secretly relieved for the break) . It was so magical and pretty though, and there were so many scenes I did not want to forget, that I took some mental snap-shots. Here they are for your mental viewing pleasure:

It’s beyond twilight, when the light is dusky purple. It’s technically dark, but it’s that welcoming, twinkly anticipatory kind of dark, where you can still see everything. It reminds me of the dark it is when you are going to a fun outdoor evening party in the Summer.

Happy, light hearted children skipping side by side in puddles, wearing cute rain boots.

The tiny little gap between Finny’s shorts and his bright yellow rain boots,

Gracie’s red riding hood coat, blue plaid dress, bright blue tights and leopard print rain boots-tres chic

my tween boys shoulder to shoulder deep in intense conversation-their body language is easy, it shows that they are confidantes.

Hearing my younger two kids admiring the gardens they pass, watching them stop to appreciate them.

The gorgeous Victorian houses lit up and twinkling-topiary trees standing sentry in the entry way- for a moment it is a little reminiscent of something you’d see in the nicer parts of New York City

Amazing little bower of fuschia blossoms pouring delicately over an amazing variety of tulips at their base-all of them vivid colours, open to varying degrees

White blossoms gathered in puddles like patches of snow. Knowing that they are not snow makes them especially beautiful.

Ethereal white trees laden with white blossoms. It looks like cumulus clouds resting on trees

Exhilarated faces of my big boys, dripping with rain as they return to tell me that they went to the house and then came back again, all before we caught up.

Radiant little face of my five year old turning to smile up at me under his hood simply saying, "Mommy! with such delight and reaching his soft little hand out to hold mine. It is like the sun breaking out from behind a cloud.

Hearing Finny and Gracie happily and absently humming the melody of “Little Bitty Pretty One” as they hop through puddles on the way home.

Twinkling fairy lights in gardens a promise of outdoor gatherings to come

Finny making up his own song to Ernie’s “Rubber Ducky” about the sprig of lilac he has picked for me, “little blossom you’re the one, you make everything lots of fun”

Finny closing his eyes as he deliberately leans over, sniffing a lilac tree appreciatively.

Excited dog frantically sniffing every inch of ground she can get her nose on, legs splayed to prevent us from moving her on before she is ready.

Husband serenely walking dog as rain runs down his neck.

My warm cozy home shining an amber light from the windows as we reach the doorstep and shake off the umbrella.

And here are some real snapshots from another spring walk we took…I posted a few of them on my Earth day post, but hey…they’re pretty.






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Love the pics! We went out of town over the weekend and it rained so much that I didn't even really get out my point and shoot camera. Uncooperative weather is not a blogger's friend!

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