Sonnet for Seth

My dearest Seth
This year is going to be the best
Although you are going to be short on rest
And your stamina will surely be put to the test
Can you believe you're thirty-one?
With a son!
Who, is currently still a bun
In the oven
But soon he will be a bona fide lad
And you'll be the dad
And won't that be rad?
Yes indeed
It shall

So while you may be feeling especially old
(since you are, if I may be so bold)
I still clearly remember when I was six
And you were three
And you may take comfort in the fact that
You will always be younger then me

(we will always love to dig, even though we are now big)

Good times were had
By you and I
The best of our games was being a spy
No actually it was those times we were inspired
To make "controlled fires"
Oy vey
Guardian angels were working overtime
On those days

But back to your advanced age
This truly adult stage
This mature phase
It can suck to be the grown up
Having to pull in a living wage
Dealing daily with road rage

But there are some definite perks
Although there is a lot more work

You get to pick the time you go to bed
And no one forces you to take cough meds
If you are so inclined you can even eat white bread (although I'm not)
And best of all you get to wed

Wedding collage

And now you get to have a child
And revisit being wild
(in your case literally)
Teaching him how to walk like a cheetah
Could there be anything sweeter?

For you life is good and is only going to get better
And I know you will be the perfect dad right down to the letter

So happy birthday Samusani!

Wish I was there to join the party
Eat a piece of Greek cake for me
You're still as sweet as you were
When you were three
With all my love
Your big sis...Tinny


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Jessica said...

I seriously **adore** your birthday sonnets!!
I hope that Seth had a fabulous birthday!!

Seth said...

My Dearest SWEET sister!!! I didn't get to read this on my birthday and was referred to it now when looking at Samuel's beuatiful page. I JUST LOVE YOU!!!
Thank you for being the sweetest, most protective, supportive and interested big sister I could have asked for. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Your sonnets are truly noteworthy! Love this one. Was quite nostalgic about it! The picture of you and Seth digging in the sand brought back many memories! Your siblings are so lucky to have you keeping these records of their past year's.