Cultural accomplishments

acknowledging a few non-soccer related feats lest they be lost in the sea of soccer over the last month or so..

Gracie performed in her first piano recital


She did a lovely job. No hint of the hysterics that plagued me as a neurotic young lass before such events.


And Gabe performed in a piano festival for which he received this certificate and a very nice evaluation. (His attire is due to being on his way to a soccer game).


He too rocked out at the piano recital..



Benj was the 5th best at practicing in the piano studio


And can play quite impressively these days


He also had an orchestra concert


and graduate from the D.A.R.E program…he played cello for that too.   Pomp and Circumstance in fact.

 darecello bendarequinnandben 3amigos

He goes to an All Blonde school.  Apparently.

Hooray for my diligent chillens. You are already so much more accomplished then I will ever be. I will bask in your reflected cultural glow..

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Jill said...

Love, love, love that pic of our blondies... All ur kids are very well rounded whereas mine rely solely on being mediocre to slightly above average in sports...i guess their rockin personalities make up for it...

Joan said...

Okay...your BG grandparents want their own recital...

{ L } said...

You're so funny about the all blond

I don't get around to blogs much lately but I've been thinking of you. <3 You should be so proud of your kids! All the photos you captured are PERFECT. I still remember piano recitals as a kid. What special times.

Debbie said...

I love the cello! I have two cellists in my family as well:)

Tooj said...

I have always wanted my boys to play the piano, but hesitated for fear I'd be "pushing"....but the smiles on your kids make me realize we have to give the opportunity for introduction before they ever know if it's pushy or fun. :)

Your family amazes me. Seriously.

Happy Wednesday.