The Finny Report


If you ask Finny what day his birthday is on he will say, “May 5th or….


(this is a photo of a restaurant in our town by the same name)

The day started off right with stuffed french toast on the breakfast menu stuffedfrenchtoastS

And presents! His main gift was a lego set which he was rather pleased about…

joy starwars

DSC_0901    ojtoast

The best part was having daddy stay home all day to help him build it.

buildingwithdaddy  finndad

Panera was his lunch request. It was wonderfully warm but very breezy. Here he is telling me that the song they learned in kindergarten talks about the “gentle, warm breezes of May”. He told me that these were in fact, “the strong, warm winds of May”. He’d put in a firm request for “chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl” for lunch and ate it with gusto. He kept saying, “this is the  best birthday ever! Thank you so much mommy and daddy”.  He is easy to love. (And spoil).

  soup bowl raiseroof

Oh this little face…how I adore it.


We baked mini banana muffins for his morning preschool (his very healthy request) but we broke out the sugar in a big way for afternoon kindergarten. I feel the snack is redeemed for it’s educational value. (The children were required to spell the message before they could eat it.)


We cheered on Benj’s soccer game…obviously I cranked up the colour for this (to show the rainbow better) but I love the effect. It reminds me of a bad yet cheerful painting.  Benj scored two goals. Finny took full credit for providing the birthday luck.


After enjoying some dairy queen blizzards Finny unveiled the newest member of the webkinz family (dachshund) and participated in an impromptu balloon soccer game with sibs. (Ah the never-ending joy and entertainment value of the simple balloon…_)


And one last cuddle for mama’s baby made the day complete…


What a delightful day to celebrate a delightful boy. He proclaimed it perfect. I proclaim him to be the same. xoxo

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday to your son. My sons birthday is 05/05/05. It's a great day for a birthday!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Love him! He is such a sweet and easy to please little guy. :)

Jen Lynn said...

I agree. He's a pretty stinkin' cute kid.

Please don't tell me that Jillian will be 6 some day! I can't stand the thought of it.