Ode for my Marmie

You da bomb
And it's been far too long
Since I got to give you a hug
That's just wrong
But this is a happy ode so let me not sing that sad song.

Thank you marmie
For loving me
Even (especially) when I am barmie

Thank you for eyes that lit up
Every time your kids entered the room
You filled our "worth" cup

I always felt that you liked me
(As opposed to just loved me-as is required)
You still act excited to chat
Even when you're dog tired

Mom you are a friend to all
You make anyone you are with
Feel 10 feet tall
(Figuratively of course
since I wouldn't actually like to be 10 feet tall
although a couple more inches wouldn't hurt at all)
Indeed it is true
You could engage with a brick wall

Your talents, skills and good qualities span a wide range
So please dear marmie, you should never change
Hey! Remember that dream I once had
That I had mange?
In the dream you did not seem to think that was too strange
And when it was decided that I was to be "put down"
My last wish was to hang out with you
For my remaining hours (which were few)
(So really, please wear that knowledge like a crown)

Mom you are always the life of the party
Witty and creative, you're a real smartie
You're the one to have around
To avoid the dreaded awkward silence
With you there, nothing to fear
conversation and laughter ever abound

My boyfriends always loved you more then they did me
(Not in a creepy Mrs. Robinson way you see)
I think you were just nicer to them then I was

Thanks for being so easy to talk to
For being so supportive of everything I do
Be it exciting, sad or glad news
I cannot wait to tell you

Thanks for making me laugh
And laughing at me too
Because of you
My sense of humour grew

It was you who taught me
That if you don't laugh you'll cry
You can always find a silver lining
You attitude is always one of
Never say die! You're not one to mewl and sigh

You always know everything will turn out alright
Not just alright but fantastic, there is no "maybe"
Which is just one of the reasons why you are so loved
(Because nobody likes a cry-baby)

Mom you have taught me to mother with joy
To smother with love
My gorgeous boys, my lovely girl
To be effusive, enthusiastic, liberal with praise
And Mom I can only hope to raise
Kids as phenomenal as yours
(With your genes somewhere in there
they should be immune from being bores)

Because of you I look forward to and enjoy each stage
You always seemed to think being a mom was fun
In so many things
I look to your ways
And I am reassured that though parenting can
have (sometimes long) moments of being sucky
You still consider yourself, as a mom of 5
To be lucky

I feel lucky too
To have a marmie as lovely as you

Happy birthday Marmie
And happy Mother's day too
(You don't mind a two for one do you?)
I figured you'd prefer this to my rendition
Of "Mother I love you, Mother I do......"
(I think they must take that one out when they do the
next Children's Songbook edition
Perhaps we could petition...?)

Sending you all my love from afar
And my fond hopes that your year
Be as delightful as you are

(Love you more then rooibos tea and a Bar-One equivalent late at night to keep me awake-remember you discovered that magic combo when you were up sewing my matric dance dress at 2am? Thanks for that by the way xo)

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A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Happy FF! Have a great one!


Le Chateau des fleurs said...

That was cute!
You look just like your Mom :)
I am following your blog and would love if you follow me back. Happy Friday follow.
Gros bisous

HSUper Parents said...

Happy Friday Follow! I follow you on GFC and Twitter. Feel free to stop by and visit (SKOY Cloths & Teething Bling giveaway).


Anonymous said...

Awwww! You are so very dear,
You make me want to shed a tear!
Myself I do not recognise,
Who's this person you've cannonised?
I'm awed by your mothering,
The smart way you teach,
Your lack of smothering,
You don't need to preach.
That your kids wash their clothes!
Those still in my home, why I still wipe their nose!
I learn from my kids on a day to day basis,
I'm left in your dust, I follow your traces.
My kids are the best a mother could wish for,
That's why you all I absolutely adore!

Love comma Ashlee said...

That was awesome, and so sweet! Love the photo!!

I'm a new follower of yours! Happy Friday Follow!

Ron Cooper said...

What a tribute to your Mom!

Following you now. Please return the favor! I post original stories and poems on family, kindness, peace, and faith.




Steph said...

I was thinking the same thing, you look just like your Mom! You have such a talent to be able to put your feelings/thoughts into words.

Your Mom must be something special because of how she raised her daughter.

Brandi said...

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J. L. W. said...

What a great tribute to your mom! Stopping by from FF.

Momma Teri said...

Visiting from Friday Follow.
We now follow you publicly through google friend connect. Please visit Mom to Bed by 8 and do the same.


Krista said...

Awww! Happy Birthday to your mama!! Your poem was divine. She is beautiful just like you!!

Happy Friday!! :)

Sabreena said...

Very good little poem. I wrote a post about my mom but this was a very creative. Happy Mother's Day!

CJ Sime said...


(my daughter insists that I tell you, you look as pretty as Rapunzel)

Leetid said...

Happy Friday Follow!

Heavenly Savings said...

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Thanks, Mellisa

Ashley said...

Happy Mother's Day! You have an award on my page. http://www.jaysonsmom.com/2010/05/my-first-award.html

2busy said...

I love your poem and Marmie's back to you. Very sweet!