Ode to my chillens…on Mother’s Day


Benj, Gabe, Gracie and Finny

This is your mother, aka mom, and to daddy,“Stinny'”

I just wanted to say

On this Mother’s Day

That I’m so grateful

To be in the mothering way


You each make my heart go

Pitter Pat, pitter patter

And at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter

That you leave your dirty socks in random places

Or that sometimes you pull sulky faces

That you can’t seem to figure out how keep your clothes folded

and close your dresser drawers

Or that the most fun games always seem to involve

slamming doors

I’m just so glad that you’re mine

And I’m yours


When I think of you all,  it makes me smile

And even though you can’t stay small

(In fact you are already getting much too tall)

I feel blessed beyond compare that you are all mine

For at least a  little while

Each of you is perfection in your own way

And every day prayers of thanks I say

To our Father in Heaven

Who loaned you to me..

so very kindly allowing me to be..

Your Mommy!

And oh wow, this makes me so, so, so, SO


I love you all to infinity and beyond

thank you for the honour of being your mom.



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Michelle said...

I love how you love your kids. You are so blessed with 4 magical children and they are unspeakably blessed to have you as their Mom. I learn from you every day.

Bethany said...

I loved this post bc I was thinking about this today. I feel so blessed to have my children and my heart is so full of love for them. Beautiful photos too.

Jessica said...

Aww...I do so love your 'odes'! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day, darlin'!!

Clair said...

Happy Mother's Day! Came over from Friday Follow and followed you, hope you'll follow me back! Clair at www.mummydeals.org and @mummydeals

Jennifer M said...

That is really sweet. Happy Mother's Day. I forgot to thank you so much for the beautiful earrings you sent me for following your blog a while back.

2busy said...

These are such great photos. Your children look like they adore you.