Confessions of an errant blogger…

Oh dear, m’peeps. What a slackerly blogger I have been. The followers, they are dropping like flies. Goodbye my loooooooooves!! (Name that movie) I will miss you.

So! If you are, or ever have engaged in any type of scholarly pursuit (which presumably you have since you are able to read) you will know that the need to study triggers the most overwhelming desire to do well..almost anything else… like sterilise your home from top to bottom, or start training for an ultra- marathon or go on long, educational nature walks with your children or..perhaps…blog.

But if you are wise (or you have an enormous amount of  what you consider to be somewhat complex material to cover in an incredibly short space of time) you will doggedly refrain from such indulgences and stick to the task at hand. Promising yourself that the moment the exam paper and the number 2 pencil have been pried from your sweaty little hand is the moment that you will attack all these desires with a vengeance.

If you are anything like me though, reality dictates that in fact the moment you stagger to your car after the exam, you can think of nothing but eating and sitting in a near vegetative state in front of a soccer game, updating your face-book status with alarming frequency.

So that’s what happened. 

After that was over, I  amazingly enough, did indeed still have the yearning for organization, and have indulged in some mass purging for the last day or two. My dears. The playroom.  I think we have discussed this blight upon my life before. At this moment… it is a thing of beauty and a joy for….well a few hours.  In fact I could not stop from hanging out there last night, looking around lovingly until about 1:00am because I knew in my heart that once the children awoke…well it just would not be the same.

But now! Now I shall blog. It is my mission for this day. To grace the internet with at least one quality blog post. I have things to give away and reviews to do and rants to rant and brags to brag. There might even be a few photos….although as you know, I am not the picture taking type…so who can say.

As for the aforementioned exam. I was taking a personal training certification course. It was a lot more then I bargained for.  As in, actual mental engagement was required.  As taxing as that was to my brain, atrophied by years of non-exercise, the learning part was delightful.  I have long suspected that I have ADD, and if you watch me attempting to clean  (or paint) my house, you would probably agree with that assessment.  But I have to say, that over the course of three intense days of non-stop informational input, I cannot remember my attention wavering even once.  My instructor was amazing. She really knew her stuff and was super fun, friendly and engaging.  And the information was fascinating too.  I was thrilled by the level of my retention,which I have always considered to be well to put it kindly…impaired. I was not kidding about the ADD thing.  I do think I have some sort of learning disability. But considering the massive amount of at times quite complex information and the abbreviated amount of time I had to absorb it all (I was deeply disheartened on the first day to discover that the expectation was that those who take the course come prepared with several months of prior study and use the course as a review, rather then showing up after a few days of “study”-between going to the pool, watching the world cup and yelling at my children not to eat popsicles over the piano….) I am thrilled at how much I did manage to retain.  

Which is not to say that I did not completely freak out during the practical during which my initial wild-eyed answer to everything was “bicep….?”.  I do not do well under pressure.

For this reason, I will consider it a miracle of epic proportions if I discover (in 4-6 weeks…UGH) that I passed.  I am philosophical about this though. I actually found the study material was so enjoyable, that I would quite welcome the incentive to spend some more quality time with it if I have to re-take the test.  Unfortunately a re-take entails a hefty fee and some travel, so for that reason it is not as though I am HOPING that I will flunk….I will keep you posted. 

Coming Up Today (Finally): Photos of the $50 living room re-do (which I must say has been met with... luke-warm  (at best) response from certain people who think white on the walls is the epitome of bad taste…cough-Amy…cough). Whatever. I have been finding it very serene. Stay tuned!

*I promised photos. This is blurry because I took it out of the window as I drove by. I am fascinated by these gorgeous hydrangeas because I thought the soil PH determined the colour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this range of colours in one bed before….Please explain.


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{april kennedy} said...

White paint on walls is soooo IN right now! If my hubby would let me...we'd be painting the interior of our house. Instead I am painting all my furniture white!

2busy said...

I think white walls paired with the right furniture can be very relaxing...

I hope you pass your test. :)

Janet said...

I have a house full of white walls. Now to just add color in other ways. All the best on your test. You will rock as a trainer.

paparazzimom said...

wow!!! That is an amazing transformation. I LOVED your walls before though and have wanted to paint mine like that ever since I saw yours. LOL