The Daddy! The Daddy! We love the Daddy! ~2010 Edition

Aaron, the daddy in these parts is all the things a daddy is supposed to be. He is kind, gentle, strong, steady, smart, selfless and spiritual. He leads by example.  He loves the mommy and treats her like gold. I have the luckiest kids in the world.


Aaron got a special package in the mail…


Everything a superhero might need to kick back and relax on his special day….



We all enjoyed watching the “hero mission highlights” movie together this evening. This was the first time my kids saw Superman. They loved it. I vividly remember watching Superman for the first time when I was about Finny’s age. I remember whispering to my mom very conspiratorially, “I know how they made Superman fly-it’s just a bird dressed up..isn’t it?”

I was not what you might consider bright.superman

Gracie made this card to go with the loot…


I got the idea and the cute printables here. (I made my own for the Superman DVD).

Aaron got a new book, a long nap and “breakfast in bed” after church.  (We work with what we have.)  I even managed to make a somewhat decent dinner. He proclaimed it a great day. He is easily pleased. Thanks to their dad, my kids have the luckiest mom in the world.

Happy Father’s Day my Babbie. You are indeed the hero of our home. xoxoxo

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{ L } said...

Are you kidding me?!! This is AWESOME!! I'm in love, lol. You are extra creative to think of this. Next time you have a great idea like this let me know ahead of time so I can do it for the holiday too, hehe. ;)

Isabel @AlphaMom said...

So glad you used the printables. Looks like you had a wonderful day!


Kirsty said...

Lynn, I certainly can't take the credit-but ironically I did try to pass on the idea to you the other day-I will email you to explain :D

Jessica said...

Ooooh how I love the hero kit! Remind me of that next year!!

Happy Father's Day Aaron!!

Janet said...

I love this!! I will totally file this away to use next year. Great idea. Yay for great daddies!